Brandi Glanville & Kim Richards Spotted Filming Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Season 10


Because, of course, they are! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills might be in a spot of trouble. Filming is currently underway for the show’s 10th season and by all accounts, it is a bore fest struggling. With rumors of fledgling plot lines and no drama, the troops have been called in.

Last week we learned Camille Grammer was getting back in the saddle to save the show light a fire underneath the current cast in hopes of upping the theatrics. Today we know other RHOBH alums are now in pa osition to pick up the slack, along with Camille 007. Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards, get ready, it’s your turn to show up and show out.

What does Bravo do when an ensemble cast is not talking about legal drama allegedly getting along and making no waves? They 911 the villain squad! It’s not totally unexpected. Brandi and Kim usually show up at some point during an RHOBH season. But, this time the heat is on. Camille has reportedly returned and is ready to play. She isn’t the only one production has turned to in their time of need.

According to HollywoodLife, Kim and Brandi, along with Eileen Davidson have all been seen filming for the show. But that’s not all, we can’t have the return of surgically enhanced old faces without the Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick! Video clips from a par-tay have been circulating that were filmed for the new season. It is safe to say no one was discussing the finer points of aerospace engineering at this festive gathering.

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In one of the vids, we see Bangs Richards hanging with Brandi and formerly (?) estranged sister Kim. Looks like Kim is doing well, despite the fact that over the summer, Kyle was apparently concerned for her sister’s sobriety and mental health. Either Kim has gotten better or Kyle needs a storyline because they were all dancing to some Lionel Richie throwback song at the party. Obviously, Kyle’s destroyed relationship with Lisa Vanderpump has inspired her to now sleep with the enemy accept Brandi into the fold. Nothing says bonding like mutually hating another person, amirite?

In another clip we see Brandi molesting a wall to the tunes of Michael Jackson. I’m not mad at Brandi, at least she keeps it real. Kyle’s husband Mauricio Umansky was checking texts from his lawyer his phone on a couch while Faye danced on the sidelines. This was quite a soirée, Dorit Kemsley posed for a snap with Edwin Arroyave and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave. I’m sure Teddi’s role on the show this season will be mind blowing as usual, given her pregnancy. That’s sarcasm, my friends, feel free to join in! Veteran Eileen posed with the group as well. No word on whether or not Kim addressed Eileen as, “The Beast” when they reunited.

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Even Lisa Rinna was there with new cast member and old friend, Garcelle Beauvais. Apparently, the infamous Blue Bunny was not invited to this event – which would make him the only one not brought in to assist with the depthless content the show is allegedly suffering from. The new videos and pics come while viewers have either decided to boycott the season after LVP’s departure or are scratching their heads over reports of people actually getting along.

I have an idea! If they are that desperate for action, why doesn’t Bravo just put Brandi, Kim, Kyle, and Rinna in a room with hungry tigers and cover them with blood? Because having them at the same event where alcohol is served is basically the same thing. That or commit to giving these ladies their diamonds back before Bangs is forced to do the splits or use her hair as a busted helicopter for dramatic purposes. Looks like the cast is doing all they can to stay afloat. They want to prove RHOBH does not need LVP to secure ratings. Our Beverly Hills ladies will be back, boring or not, in January 2020. See you in court soon, ladies.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]