Scheana Marie’s Mom Slams Vanderpump Rules For Not Showing Her Life Milestones

She may have a tattoo that says it’s all happening, but for Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie, she’s more focused on what isn’t happening for her on her eighth season on the hit reality series. We have truly been on a journey with the Good As Gold singer over the years, from marriage to divorce, to adopting a penguin for her boyfriend as an apology gift. Let’s just say Scheana is never less than entertaining.

But this season, Scheana isn’t too happy with the way producers have portrayed her life, and her mother Erika van Olphen is coming to her daughter’s defense.

Taking to her Twitter, Erika posted a “mom rant,” writing, “It’s so annoying to me as a mom that some of the biggest things that my daughter Scheana’s done (professionally & personally) aren’t shown on VPR! She headlined a show in Vegas for 6 months! VPR never showed it!” Now, I have to agree with this point. We’ve seen Stassi Schroeder become a New York Times Best Selling Author, and most recently, we saw newbie Dayna Kathan pursuing a career in stand-up comedy.

Scheana has openly admitted her jealousy of Stassi’s career and the way the show has focused on Dayna’sprofessional aspirations and the loss of her mother this season. Meanwhile this season, we haven’t seen Scheana do much more than crush on her new gorgeous co-star Brett Caprioni and cry over her former flame Max Boyens hook up with half of West Hollywood.


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Erika continues to write, “[Scheana] was the 2nd cast member to purchase a home! VPR didn’t show it! So for y’all who keep talking crap about her “life” try and remember that you only see the tiniest EDITED fraction of her “life.”” Again, I can see why Scheana is frustrated. We’ve gotten to see all of the other OG cast members move into identical, cookie cutter homes in Valley Village. Scheana has been around just as long, so why didn’t they show her buying and moving into her home as well? Ah, the power of editing.

When one Twitter user responded that they did, in fact, show Scheana buying her home and that none of her cast mates wanted to go to it, Erika clapped back again. “Umm you never saw anything about the home she purchased in Palm Springs! You may be referring to her other place (apartment) in Marina Del Ray, and ALL of her cast mates have been.”


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I can totally understand Scheana and her mom’s frustrations. However, I think they have lost sight of the fact that this is a reality show. With a slew of new cast members to focus on, producers are only going to show the most entertaining, attention-grabbing footage.

It is clear that producers think that portraying Scheana as a boy-crazed “middle aged” (according to her new co-star Brett) woman is more entertaining than showing her professional progress in life. If I have to hear Scheana call another guy her “best friend” I might scream, but I think it’s a hell of a lot more entertaining than watching her decorate a house in Palm Springs or watching her take selfies in her activewear clothing line. But hey, maybe that’s just me.


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Another Twitter user responded to Erika. This person suggested that if Scheana isn’t happy with the way the show portrays her, maybe she should quit. But Erika insisted she was “just stating facts.” Having watched Vanderpump Rules since the very beginning, I’m way more invested in the OG cast members’ lives than the newbies. But my guess is, if Scheana’s professional life was half as entertaining as watching her navigate her love life, maybe we would see more of it on the show.


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