Vanderpump Rules Star Kristen Doute Says Pregnancy Rumors Made Her Cry & She Didn’t Want To Eat After Body Shaming

Kristen Doute has had a rough go this season of Vanderpump Rules. We’re watching her toxic relationship with Brian Carter crumble. Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney-Schwartz are also icing her out – because of that crumbling relationship? I don’t even know, still confused. An earlier post about the Witches of WeHo gives additional details, but right now, I’m team Kristen all the way!

In real-time, Kristen has stopped seeing Carter and is now in a relationship with Alex Menache, a grown man with a real job! But unfortunately for Kristen, anything good seems to turn sour rather quickly. With the news of her new man came a nasty rumor that Kristen was pregnant. Spoiler alert – she’s not – and is, rightfully, upset.

According to Life & Style, Kristen took to Instagram Live to hit back at the pregnancy rumors. Kristen shared with her following that the rumor, “made me cry,” and that, “it really hurt my feelings.” Understandable. It’s 2020 and people still don’t seem to know that it’s wrong to body-shame and make comments about people’s physical appearances.

Kristen continued her rebuttal, saying she, “thought it was really f—king invasive that someone was hanging around outside my house to find me at my worst angle…. I was really upset yesterday. I cried a lot, it got in my head, I didn’t want to eat, so I’m just like f—k all of this.” Kristen didn’t want to eat after these body-shaming photos surfaced. Again, this is why baby-bump rumors need to stop!


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The Pump Rules star fired off her two cents about women and double standards, saying, “If she doesn’t look perfect, she’s disgusting. But if she Facetunes or Photoshops, she’s fake. So, which one is it? Which one do you want… if we’re just living our lives like everyone else does, we’re either fat or we’re pregnant or whatever the f—k else.” Tell it, Kristen! When we talk about women, it seems to always come down to their appearance.

Kristen also shared some of the more ridiculous takes on the photos. Some people in the comments section of the original story accused her of pretending to be pregnant so she could, “take away from Stassi and Beau [Clark’s] engagement episode.” No joke.


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Kristen replied, “Do you know how f—king insane you sound?” It is insane and literally ridiculous. I hope people stop with the barrage of negativity and body shaming that seems to come with being on reality TV. Kristen ended the video by saying, “you should be celebrating women and being positive.” Cheers to that!


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]