Beau Clark Wishes He Invited Kristen Doute To Engagement Party; Stassi Schroeder Explains Why She Disagrees

Usually, engagements are a joyous occasion, but not on reality TV. There’s always a little bit of drama, especially on Vanderpump Rules. On the most recent episode, Beau Clark popped the question to Stassi Schroeder. She said yes, of course, and they celebrated afterward with a gathering at Lisa Vanderpump’s house.

Everyone was there. Well, pretty much everyone from the main cast was there. None of the newbies were included because, well, duh. There was one empty seat though. There was actually a chair saved for Kristen Doute, just to remind everyone that she wasn’t included. Lala Kent also called her to let her know/make Kristen feel worse. Kristen’s ex [Brian] Carter made things even worse for her when he sent Beau a text trashing him for excluding Kristen when she’s the one who introduced them. Considering that Stassi and Kristen are still trashing each other in the press, on social media, and on podcasts, no one is surprised that Stassi is happy Kristen was absent. However, Beau, being the sweet soul he appears to be, does have some regrets.

During the Vanderpump Rules After Show, Stassi talked about that text from Carter. She remarked, “This is interesting. The [is the] only time you’ve ever stood up for Kristen and [have] given a shit about how Kristen feels. So, you’ve spent however many years dating Kristen and treating her like trash and using her. Then, the one time you want to stick up for her is to text us right after we get engaged and just say that.”

Then, the couple discussed Kristen’s absence. Beau admitted, “It’s a bummer, you know? For me, I really do wish that Kristen was there. And I do have this thought process [that] five years down the road, we’re all gonna look back at this and go ‘That was so f*cking stupid.'” As expected, Stassi responded, “I disagree.” Beau emphasized that he meant this “for me, for me, for me” and the comment was not about her or how she felt.


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Stassi commented, “We may get to a place where I am just so over-the-moon ecstatic for her to come to our wedding. Like, I’m hoping that we get to a place where we understand each other and not feel tension and not want to argue.” Stassi went on to add, “If she would have came, Beau, a lot of that night would have been dedicated to me having to have conversations with her about our relationship.” Beau ended up agreeing with that.

Then, Beau told her, “What you said is what would have happened because add a little alcohol, the conversations start to flow, the apologies. You just said that and I’m like ‘You know what, that makes so much sense.’ The last thing that I would want is having you in the corner for 35-40 minutes talking to Kristen when I want to celebrate us.” And we all know that wasn’t gonna happen if Kristen was there. It would have turned into the Stassi vs. Kristen Show.


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Stassi concluded, “It’s unfortunate and it’s sad, but it worked out the way that it was supposed to work out.”


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