Sutton Stracke Says She’s “A Little Snobby,” But Blames Her Persona On Nerves During Filming

Season 10 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills  is underway and so far, so good! In case you missed it, this season welcomed both Garcelle Beauvais as a housewife and Sutton Stracke as a friend of. I have high hopes for Garcelle but I am absolutely LIVING for Sutton this year. She was just as uninterested in Kyle Richards‘ “fashion” and Teddi Mellencamp‘s pregnancy as I was in the premiere episode of the season. Since then, she’s only gotten better.

In episode 3 Sutton went so far as to tell Teddi to her face what we have all been thinking. She is boring and pregnancy isn’t her area of interest. Yea, yea, yea, she followed it up with saying she now finds Teddi interesting, but not until after Teddi left the table to sob. Bless this Southern belle in couture mess. She has been an absolute joy to watch and she’s finally sharing her reaction to seeing herself on the show. 

Sutton recently admitted to Entertainment Tonight, “Can I be a little snobby? Yes.” She then went on to say “But is that my whole personality? No.” Don’t break my heart Sutton! I want that to be your whole personality! This franchise has been aching for some judgmental old money-style snobbery.

The former Top Party Host of America went on to say, “It takes a minute. I think in the very beginning especially, I really did rely on — I was nervous — and I relied on a lot of old, debutante skills to kind of get me through. And I think, yeah, I don’t like a lot of what I saw of myself [on the show so far], either. But I know who I am and that’s not, like, all there is. I think that’s just, like, a defense mechanism in a way, maybe.”


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We saw a bit of this come out in the recent episode, where Sutton apologized to Teddi at the retreat for calling her the Housewives B-word (boring). It was sweet and made me like Sutton as a person, but also led me to question if I wanted her on my TV. Sutton says, “I liken myself to, like, a nervous cat at first … I was just, I was already just ready for something to happen to me and it didn’t happen. And then we were fine. And then everything’s great.”
I mean it sounds nice, but I want to watch the woman who is stirring up Twitter drama to the point that Jackie Goldschneider is taking the time to comment. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]