Vanderpump Rules Editor Admits To Purposely Embarrassing Scheana Marie Because Scheana Didn’t Befriend Her

#JusticeForScheana. Why are there so many scenes showing embarrassing footage of Scheana Marie on Vanderpump Rules? For the most part, Scheana has been a great sport about this. I mean she does sign on for the show season after season. She also has no issue poking fun at herself and being in on the joke. But, here’s the thing, Scheana gets shaded more than anyone else on the show.

And, let’s not forget that it was Scheana’s storyline that was the lead-in for this show. If it wasn’t for the Brandi Glanville/Eddie Cibrian of it all, would we even have this show? Yes, probably because Lisa Vanderpump is such a hustler when it comes to her businesses. Nevertheless, we still have to give Scheana props. So, why is Scheana constantly dissed by the show that she has always been an integral part of? Well, apparently she didn’t befriend the right editor.

On a recent episode of the Twisted Plot Podcast, Vanderpump Rules Editor Bri Dellinger actually said, “If Scheana knows what’s good for her, she’d befriend me because my favorite game is finding all the embarrassing things that Scheana does and putting them all in.” Wow. Once again, #JusticeForScheana. And here’s a clip of that moment specifically, shared by Housewife Historian.

She also talked about the scene where they pieced together Scheana’s commentary about considering dating a 21-year-old guy with a scene of her talking to Stassi Schroeder’s teenage brother Nikolai Czermak. Editor Bri said, “It was so funny. We were watching the scene and were like ‘OK, this is over the top, I realize that, but how can we resist?'” Is she kidding? There’s nothing funny about implying that Scheana was inappropriate with a teen. Bri added, “Yes, I set it to funny music and I added a funny [sound] bite, but she did that.” She did what? Both Scheana and Stassi have spoken out about that. It was an innocent conversation. Just stop, Bri.


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Bri claimed, “She was making very uncomfortable eyes at him.” NO. SHE. WASN’T. Bri, stop reaching. Bri even said, “Her go-to is just flirting. She can’t help being flirty with him. It’s gross. It’s weird.” She wasn’t flirting with him, Bri.

Bri admitted, “We asked her in the interview, ‘how young would you go?’ and we didn’t tell her it was for the Nikolai scene, of course. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WOMAN?

#TEAMSCHEANA over here.

She also said that the Bravo network Stassi and Beau [Clark]  are “special heroes” who need to be in every episode.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]