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Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent Opens Up About Cosmetic Procedures; Loves Her “New Face”

One of the best things that has come out of quarantine is the throwback marathons on Bravo. There’s something so nostalgic about watching our beloved Bravo stars before they had stylists and plastic surgery. Ah, simpler times. It’s fun to see where the stars we know today started from.

And apparently, I’m not the only one who appreciates the old school rawness of seasons past. Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent has been catching up on previous seasons of VPR while stuck at home with her fiancé Randall EmmettLala has come a long way since her hostess days at Sur. But her biggest takeaway? Her new face.

As Life & Style reported, Lala recently took to her Instagram Stories to discuss her plastic surgery transformation. “I will say, though, I thoroughly enjoy my new face that Dr. Diamond has provided to me. I love my jaw, I love my little chin, I love my lips,” Lala explained in a selfie-video. “That’s how you can tell these days if it’s a throwback show, because everybody’s walking around like this. Ye old little thin lips. Now we’re all like cluck, cluck, cluck. Little duck lips, it’s so funny.”

Well hey, at least she’s honest. As we’ve seen this season of Vanderpump Rules, Lala certainly has a high opinion of herself. Humility is not her strong suit. Her own cast mates have said that Lala thinks she’s better than everyone else. While I don’t appreciate her conceitedness, I am here for her honesty. A lot of stars won’t own up to having plastic surgery. Lala is admitting to having multiple procedures done in a late night Instagram story. I have to give her some credit.


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“Yeah, I’m plugging right along,” Lala said, as she rewatched season 4 of VPR. “And dude, I have such a little baby face. Like, I look back on this and I’m like, I was just so trying to figure out life in L.A. being on a television show, you know? I was like, little baby Lala. The only thing that’s really changed, I’ve absolutely matured, I’m definitely still as vulgar. But I was f***ing gangster in this. I was like, nonchalant,” she said of her season 4 self. As we know, Lala still sees herself as being “gangster,” like when she claimed to “ding” 50 Cent’s ego. You may call her somewhat delusional, and guess what? So do I.

But this is not Lala’s first time opening up about her high maintenance beauty regimen. “Can I tell you what I’m really pissed about, Rand? The quarantine is preventing me from getting the injections I need to keep this face. I need Dr. Diamond! Dr. Diamond, my jawline is fading quickly and these wrinkles are getting deep,” Lala said in an Instagram Story earlier in April.


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It seems Lala may have some things in common with fellow Bravo star Kathryn Dennis from Southern CharmKathryn recently broke quarantine to get cheek fillers. For the record, every state has different laws about what is deemed “essential” and those guidelines are constantly in flux at this point. I guess when you are as famous as these two (LOL) maintaining your appearance is always the number one priority!


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