Lala Kent Slams New Vanderpump Rules Stars As “Uninteresting” Fans Who Watched Episodes & Reenacted What They Saw; Says She Fast Forwards Their Scenes

Lala Kent is at it again. The outspoken star of Vanderpump Rules truly seems like she’s on a high horse these days. We know Lala doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her (or so she says). But from what we are seeing both on the show and off, it seems like Lala thinks she is “better” than her co-stars.

First, she called the sweet and kind Raquel Leviss a “peasant.” Now, Lala is holding nothing back when it comes to her opinion of rest of the Vanderpump Rules newbies.

Speaking to People, Lala was brutally honest when discussing her new co-stars. “I just don’t think that we have a solid group of people. I just don’t find them very interesting. And I know that’s harsh, but, you know, I speak it how it is. I just don’t find them to be super interesting. I feel like they’ve watched every episode of Vanderpump Rules and just like reenact what they see.”

Ouch! Now look, I see both sides of the argument. I personally have had a hard time warming up to certain members of the new cast this season. Some of the storylines seem overly produced, like the relationship between Dayna Kathan and Brett Caprioni. I don’t care for Charli Burnett’s attitude and how she constantly disses Brett every chance she gets.


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But what makes Lauryn Lala think she was so interesting back when she joined the cast as a SUR hostess? She didn’t fit in. It took her co-stars and viewers a long time to get acclimated to her. Maybe the newbies need some more time to get used to sharing their life on national television. Or maybe Lala and the rest of the OG cast should be a little more welcoming.

But Lala’s words get even harsher. “And to be honest, I fast forward through their scenes. So, I don’t even know what conflicts they’re having. I know nothing about what’s going on with any of the new people. I know that Max [Boyens] and Dayna had something and now they don’t.”


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Lala, we get it. You truly couldn’t care less about the Vanderpump Rules newbies. While I agree that their storylines aren’t as engaging as their OG counterparts, we’ve just met the new cast members. We can’t be as engaged or invested in their stories because we don’t know them yet. But that doesn’t mean I won’t watch and give them a chance.

I imagine that if someone spoke this way about Lala when she joined the show, she wouldn’t have been too thrilled, to say the least. Maybe since Lala’s wedding was postponed, she can use this time in quarantine to learn about humility. Hey, a girl can dream.


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