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Raquel Leviss Says Lala Kent Thinks She Is Better Than Everyone; Lala Says She Was “Composed” During Their Fight

Watching Vanderpump Rules can sometimes be cringe inducing. Seeing people in their 30’s and 40’s (birthday boy Jax Taylor!) acting like they are still in college makes you feel a little embarrassed for them. Sometimes, however, it takes a younger–and less jaded person–to add levity to situations. Case in point–Raquel Leviss. This season, we saw Raquel stand up to boyfriend James Kennedy regarding his problem with alcohol and his verbally abusive behavior towards her.

Last week, Raquel took on shameless Lala Kent–and surprise, surprise, emerged the victor in their dust up. Lala went after Raquel at Katie Maloney’s party–and Raquel didn’t back down. In fact, in what I consider one of the all- time great reality show moments, after a dramatic Lala said she felt like bashing her head into a table, a calm and composed Raquel told her simply, “Please do.” Reality gold! So, what do Raquel and Lala think about their confrontation?

On a recent episode of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules After Show, Raquel spoke out about Lala, stating, “The thing about Lala, she thinks she’s better than other people and that’s not the case.”

Humility has never been Lala’s strong suit. There have been times where she is more vulnerable and likeable, such as in her dedication to her sobriety. Unfortunately, those times don’t last and we are back to angry, gangster girl Lala, full of perceived second-hand privilege, ready to attack at a moment’s notice.


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Raquel went on to call out Lala, saying, “Lala, I know you have great style. You have great stylists, you’ve done red carpets. You live with Randall and you’re flying. It doesn’t mean that you’re better than anyone else and she needs to get her sh*t together and wake up.”

Something tells me that Lala is not going to become humble anytime soon. As long as she is going to awards shows with fiancé Randall Emmett and sitting near Meryl Streep, Lala will probably continue to see herself apart from us mere mortals.


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Of course, Lala views her clash with Raquel from Lala Land. She explained, “I feel like I was composed again. Do I have like, personality dysmorphia? Because I feel like on all these occasions everyone’s like, ‘You were so scary,’ and I’m like, ‘I thought I handled myself really well.'”

We all see things differently and Lala is no exception. Her version of handling herself “really well” is different than what other people would view as proper behavior. Maybe Lala should ask 50 Cent for his opinion on how she handles herself!


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Another one of Lala’s co-stars offered up her own perspective on Lala’s behavior at the party. Charli Burnett stated, “It was another situation, like I said, Lala’s a chihuahua. She just barks, barks, barks because she knows that person’s not going to bite.”

True, Lala does seem to like to prey upon people she perceives as less strong than herself, such as Raquel. However, in the most recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, Lala found out that sometimes it is the quiet ones you have to watch out for. Raquel handled Lala with grace, good manners and a refusal to back down. And it was amazing.


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