Dorinda Medley Feels Ramona Singer Has Been “Insensitive” To Her Feelings

Well, Season 12 of Real Housewives of New York might have lost Bethenny Frankel, but anything alcoholic is now officially part of the cast. At the conclusion of these episodes, I always feel a slight desire to consult Betty Ford and begin a green juice cleanse. On the bright side, Leah McSweeney has filled any remaining gaps in Bethenny’s legacy, though viewers probably miss the repetitive product placement they were subjected to for years, #skinnygirlbybravo.

While the ladies navigate brief periods of being sober, some have experienced life changes. Dorinda Medley has been struggling under the pressure of ending her relationship with longtime boyfriend, John Mahdessian. What’s more, she has found herself triggered by memories of late husband, Richard. One would think Dorinda’s tribe of girlfriends would lend support during her time of need, but according to Dorinda, that has not been the case. In fact, Dorinda feels one friend in particular has been especially insensitive. Gosh, I wonder who it could be?

Listen, RHONY needs to come with a warning label. Livers across America shriek and hide when the opening credits come on. Luann de Lesseps’ battle with the bushes has evolved into Leah’s tango with tiki torches. But it’s all good, clean fun, until it isn’t. When the spirits aren’t flowing, the ladies have to contend with real issues. Unfortunately real issues and alcohol don’t mix well, which is exactly the plan.

In between coming for Tinsdale Tinsley Mortimer whenever the opportunity presents itself, Dorinda has been battling depressive episodes. Making attempts to reconcile her husband’s death and dealing with the aftermath of a break-up has left Dorinda in a vulnerable position. Grief and martinis don’t usually mix well, but grief, martinis, and Ramona Singer might be worse. Dorinda explains on Us Weekly’s Getting Real With the Housewives podcast.


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Last week’s episode found Dorinda and Ramona squabbling, but Dorinda’s raw nerves are no match for Ramona’s words. In fact, Ramona feels Dorinda might be the one with the problem. Tinsdale would probably agree.

Ramona also said Dorinda, “takes people down all the time”. Facts are gonna fact. Despite the obvious, Dorinda thinks Ramona should have been more sensitive to her plight. Dorinda has met Ramona, right?


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“I felt like Ramona was a little insensitive to me for what I was going through this year,” Dorinda admitted. “I needed a soft place to land, and I needed her to be more of a soft place to land than I felt like she was being.” With all due respect, any sympathy for Dorinda might have hitched a ride on a flying pig after her unwarranted attacks on Tinsley.

According to Dorinda, Mona wasn’t too keen on constantly hearing about Richard. “Ramona was very critical of me bringing up Richard. Critical of me going through what I’m going through, critical of whatever,” Dorinda explained. “And you know, Ramona and I have been in each other’s lives a long time and gone through a lot of things. I thought she would be more empathetic than she was.” Again, has she met Ramona? But still, it’s not like Dorinda has been the epitome of grace and understanding in the past.


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While Dorinda and Ramona have appeared to patch things up, Dorinda’s attempts to come to terms with her reality are still front and center. Perhaps her abrasive attitude this season is the result of displaced mourning for a loved one. Maybe Dorinda’s unsolicited attacks on others are a product of a longterm relationship ending. One thing is for sure, Ramona might not have been front and center for Dorinda, but the rosé never leaves her hanging.


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[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]