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Below Deck Mediterranean Star Hannah Ferrier Would Rather Work With Mila Kolomeitseva Again Over Lara Flumiani

Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier doesn’t surprise Below Deck Mediterranean viewers anymore.  She either complains about her interior crew not having enough experience or having too much experience.  If the former is the issue, she will have more work training them.  If she has a very competent team member, she will feel insecure about the stew calling out her unenthusiastic management style.

Hannah had the unusual fortune of working with Aesha Scott and Anastasia Surmava last season.  They all worked well together and became friends, so there was no drama in the interior.  The premiere showed viewers that this would not be case for Season 5 as Hannah and Second Stew Lara Flumiana immediately butted heads.

The season trailer indicates that the situation will not get better between these ladies.  And if you think it doesn’t get so bad, consider that Hannah told Entertainment Tonight that she would rather work with the homophobic, incompetent Chef Mila Kolomeitseva again over Lara.

Lara is, yeah, she’s just, she’s in a league of her own that one,” Hannah said, “I thought I had seen bad, and then I saw Lara.”


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Editing footage compared Lara with Bugsy Drake from Season 2, but Hannah says dealing with Lara was far more challenging.  She said, “It was definitely a very trying start to the season, probably the most difficult start to the season I’ve had in all of my Below Deck days.”

Lara and Hannah come to near blows in one scene.  Lara is also shown mouthing off to her Chief Stew at one point.  She said, “the more you piss me off the less I will do. Get your s**t together and be nice.”


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Lara had some nerve saying that in front of Captain Sandy Yawn.  Sandy is no fan of Hannah, but stepped in to defend her chief stew.  “Wow,” Sandy said after viewing the footage, “I was like, holy crap.  I had no idea it was practically a fist fight in the galley.  I didn’t know that.  Hannah doesn’t tell me these things.  I think if Hannah would come to me more often, I could help her navigate this.”

Captain Sandy claimed that she is always ready to help her managing team if they are having issues.  “I always say to my crew, if you can’t work it out downstairs and you bring it to me,” Sandy said, “someone usually gets fired.  Who do you think I would’ve fired in that case?


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Sandy said had she known the extend of the issue, she would have “immediately terminated Lara.”

Interestingly enough, and likely due to a separate issue, Captain Sandy is seen in the season trailer telling Hannah she wants to fire her too.  Will Season 5 be Hannah’s last?


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