Real Housewives Of New York Season 12 Mid-Season Trailer Is Here

By now, it’s old news that Tinsley Mortimer ditched the Real Housewives of New York for a shot at happily ever after with Scott Kluth.  So the footage from the second part of the season is lacking in any high pitch frequencies.  There is, however, no shortage of drama and multi-layered conflicts.

The issues within the group are not new.  There is some subtle foreshadowing but also a clear indication as to where alliances were forming.  The ladies are also due at Dorinda Medley’s Berkshires estate this season.  Maybe Dorinda’s home was built on some sort of energy field because there is always massive drama there.  Part two of the season also includes a fun, tropical getaway during which Ramona Singer hails the return of Turtle Time and Luann de Lesseps mounts a camel again.

Entertainment Weekly shared the mid-season trailer.  Let’s start with the upcoming Halloween party.  The one that Tinsley avoided by skipping town as quickly as she did.  Dorinda gives a raging and aggressive “toast” aimed at Ramona.  She said, “do you think it’s nice when you have a good girlfriend they say right away, ‘are you drunk?'”  It sounds like someone was questioning Dorinda’s relationship with alcohol.

Luann and Sonja Morgan met during the last episode to discuss Sonja’s participation in her popular cabaret show.  Luann seems to change her tune on that decision.  She is filmed shouting at Sonja saying, “guess what, if you’re gonna start this drama, I don’t need you in my show.”


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Dorinda will invite the ladies into her Berkshires home again and, as usual, there is drama.  This time, between Luann and Dorinda.  Did Luann end up in the fish room again?  Unlikely.  But Dorinda begs her to “be gracious,” after Luann shouted at her, “Dorinda, you know everything don’t you?”

Ramona often irks the group by ditching them to hang out with her “girlfriends.”  On the last episode, she drove Dorinda and Sonja out to LONG ISLAND to meet with a party planner to set up a birthday party.  Luckily for the ladies, Ramona is inviting them to her birthday party.  But Sonja is seen erupting in jealously while proclaiming that she is a better friend to Ramona than her 50 plus girlfriends.  “They’ll never be there for you,” Sonja said, “we will.  Well shut the f–k up about them.”


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Finally, the most volatile situations arise from Leah McSweeneyTinsley is now gone.  And that leaves Leah on her own to fend off the righteous indignation of the senior uptown ladies.

It starts with Ramona arguing with Leah.  She claimed that Leah hurt her.  Leah responded, “but you’re talking about my vagina to half the upper east side.”  Interestingly, it’s Luann who defends Leah and suggests that Ramona is, “being hard on that girl.”


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Leah has been the downtown outsider since day one, and it doesn’t look like that conflict will be resolved soon because another scene shows Leah shouting at Sonja.  She said,”I cheapen the group of friends? Bitch I elevate this s–t.”


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Finally, there is a black-tie party fiasco.  Leah ends up grinding hardcore on Luann.  Maybe this event was Ramona’s birthday party because she tries to take control of the situation.  Ramona orders Leah to stop grinding then orders the camera crew to stop filming.  Leah shouts “you’re psychotic,” after Ramona pulls her off Luann’s lap.

Tinsley, you haven’t missed out on anything.  All the best to you and Scott.


Watch the Real Housewives of New York season 12 mid-season trailer below!


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]