Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Messy Jessie & The Case Of The Missing Epaulet

Wow, so much has happened in just one week in the Below Deck universe! Last week, Pete Hunziker was gearing up to be the lead deckhand we all love to hate because of his condescending, misogynistic attitude on board The Wellington. This week, Pete’s been terminated from Below Deck Mediterranean altogether because of a vilely racist social media post.

For the remainder of the season, Bravo and 51 Minds, the show’s production company, will be editing around Pete to remove him from as much footage as possible. Of course, there’s wasn’t enough turnaround time to re-edit this week’s episode, so it will be interesting to see when the lead deckhand starts disappearing from the charter season. However, for the time being, we’ll still include Pete in our recaps. That is, with the context that we’ll soon be seeing the last of him.

Last week, Captain Sandy Yawn called an emergency meeting to address Pete constantly undermining Malia White‘s authority by calling her “sweetheart.” This week, Pete seems to have had amnesia. After getting thoroughly dressed down by Captain Sandy with the rest of the deck crew, Pete claims to have no idea who’s been throwing “sweetie” around at work. Malia is rightfully dubious of this faux innocent act.

Pete seriously can’t be serious…right? However, Mr. Misogyny chalks his casual sexism up to being raised as a good old country boy from Virginia. You know, the state where wielding tiki torches during marches for white supremacy and defending Confederate statues are also en vogue. (Apologies to the anti-racist, anti-sexist citizens of Virginia. I’m sure your state has plenty of other lovely things to offer, like Tinsley Mortimer‘s trust find and a potential Southern Charm franchise.)


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Below Deck Mediterranean Hannah Ferrier Jessica More

Last week, Hannah Ferrier‘s biggest concern was the fiery hatred of Lara Flumiani. This week, she’s down a second stew and openly worrying about Jessica More‘s ability to identify fish cutlery. Uh oh, are the two stews going to turn on each other now that their common enemy has left the boat? Seems possible. Particularly after Hannah sends Jessica ashore to host a picnic for the charter guests. Outside the Palma cathedral, Roy Orbison Jr. and co. seem satisfied with Chef Kiko Lorran‘s picnic quiche. Poor Malia, however, ends up slicing her leg open thanks to a trash bag full of shattered glass that Sweet Pete failed to dispose of properly.


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Last week, Rob Westergaard was a man of few words — the silent, gorgeous type with a growing crush on the voluptuous third stew. This week, he’s feeling triggered and guilty by the deck crew meeting with Captain Sandy. However, when he pulls her aside, Malia‘s quick to point out the tongue-lashing wasn’t directed at the male model. He’s also ready to make a move on Jessica, getting the third stew’s number despite being in an open relationship back home. We can all see where this is headed, but let’s let the sexual tension build for a bit longer, shall we?

Alex Radcliffe Malia White Below Deck Mediterranean

Last week, Alex Radcliffe spent the entire charter bro’ing out with Sweet Pete. This week, the deckhand starts subtly (and smartly) distancing himself from his fellow Jersey Shore castoff. First, he points out that the lead deckhand seems a wee bit sensitive when it comes to taking orders. Not a good look, Petey. Then, he refuses to join in when Pete starts snidely bashing Malia for her leadership style.

In his confessional, Alex points out that he can be friends with both Pete and Malia, though that’s not an enviable line to ride for an entire charter season. We haven’t seen much, but we like this side of Alex. At the very least, it’s certainly preferable to the Alex that drunkenly wet his pants last week after a night out.


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Meanwhile, the interior team starts to clash when Jessica‘s 45-minute break turns into an hour and eight minutes. And on top of that, she’s missing her formal uniform with epaulets on the shoulder. After sternly reprimanding her second stew and playing the martyr because she won’t get a break, Hannah storms out of the crew mess. This leaves Jessica to think some more about fish cutlery as she declares that she misses Lara. I mean, you know it’s bad when you miss Lara of all people.

Last week, Chef Kiko earned major points with his moqueca, a traditional Brazilian seafood stew. This week, he makes moqueca again, which Captain Sandy clocks and is less than pleased about. In her confessional, the Below Deck Med leader claims the new chef reminds her of a young Adam Glick. You know, back in Season 2 when he served up an endless parade of soups and salads. So many soups that Hannah wanted to drown herself in them. Sandy maintains that Kiko, like Adam, simply isn’t used to the demands of cooking on a super yacht. Whether or not that’s true, it means no more moqueca. Or else.


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Below Deck Mediterranean Jessica More Captain Sandy Yawn

On the last day of the charter, Captain Sandy is mad about the disorganized laundry room, but happy because the weather is good enough for her beloved water toys to come out and play. (Need we remind Sandy that the laundry is a mess because Lara isn’t there to do her job? Jessica is one person!) As Malia and the deck crew navigate an ultra-tight, windy docking, Messy Jessie and the Case of the Missing Epaulet is solved! Hannah searches her subordinate’s entire bunk to find the dress balled up in a corner just in time for the charter guests to take their leave. Ace of Base, out!


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During the tip meeting, Sandy credits her whole team with getting through the charter a man down. And because they’re one stew short, the crew get even bigger shares of the $21,000 tip. (That’s $1,845 per person if you’re counting.) But before they toast, Sandy has one more announcement: she’s found a new second stew. And twist, it turns out to be someone both Hannah and Malia have worked with before. That’s right, Bugsy Drake is making her big return! Obviously, this news thrills Malia, while it’s Hannah’s actual worst possible nightmare. And now, this season of Below Deck Med is officially starting feel like a total redux of Season 2. Which could be a very, very good thing.

Last week, the crew’s night off was more drama than fun. What with the tension between Lara and Hannah bringing the entire evening down. This week, the sparks are flying between Rob and Jessica, and in a much less vitriolic way. While Malia pulls Hannah aside for a heart-to-heart about Bugsy‘s imminent return, the two newbies spend the whole night flirting. Eventually, they head back to the boat, where they hook up in Rob’s cabin and relegate poor Kiko to spending the night in Messy Jessie’s messy room. Sorry Kiko!

Below Deck Mediterranean guest

The next morning, the crew begins prepping for charter number three in the midst of a storm. As the ocean spray crashes against The Wellington, a lone figure makes her way down the dock, shrouded by an umbrella. Despite a last-ditch pep talk from Captain Sandy, the grimace plastered on Hannah‘s face makes it clear: her nemesis has arrived. Thunder claps ominously as Bugsy steps abroad the yacht. One thing’s for sure. Next week on Below Deck Med won’t be like this week. Or last week. At all.


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