Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

Who’s ready for more Mexico fun on an all new episode of The Real Housewives of New York? Ramona Singer seems so done with these women. It’s to the point she won’t even have a real conversation with Leah McSweeney. Storming away isn’t going to fix anything. Ramona’s so obsessed with her fifty “one percent” girlfriends that she’s been horrible to her real friends in this group.

Despite all of Ramona’s flaws, one thing she’s correct about is the drinking problem in this group. These women have always been a group of drinkers, butd1[-;p?”{p this season has been something different. It’s felt more sad than fun to watch at times. Dorinda Medley becomes so angry. Sonja Morgan becomes so sloppy. Leah throws torches. Luann de Lesseps starts feeling herself more than usual. Some of them might have a real problem. Address it.

Dorinda Medley Real Housewives Of New York

Ramona doesn’t want to talk about vaginas. Okay? Don’t you get it? If Ramona didn’t want to discuss that, she probably shouldn’t be blabbing her mouth about Leah to everyone. For some reason she’s targeting Leah specifically when everyone was behaving poorly at her birthday party. Distribute your anger a little more evenly.

Everyone is seriously so drunk all the time this season. It’s so chaotic to watch. Has there been a season where they’ve all been this wasted the whole time? I can’t recall.

Dorinda puts Sonja to bed (thank goodness), and she shouldn’t have been at dinner in the first place. She was on a whole other planet. How is she not embarrassed when she watches herself back?

Dorinda walks over to Ramona after that, and Ramona tells her to drink some water. Ramona is acting a little holier than thou this season when it comes to the drinking. She calls out Dorinda and Sonja for both having a drinking problem. I can’t really disagree with that. They’ve had an issue for quite a while now.

While she might actually have concern for them, the way she shouted that Dorinda needs to go to AA was mean spirited. What Ramona is saying is honestly probably true. However, it’s the way she delivers her “concern” is the problem. It comes across nasty and rude.

Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

Luann and Ramona have a conversation about what she said to Dorinda, and Ramona doubles down. Luann quickly reminds her that she’s out partying every night. TRUE! Ramona is probably a hypocrite, but it’s probably embarrassing her to be around these women at times.

Ramona calls herself a work in progress which I swear we’ve been hearing for years now. How long is she going to be a work in progress? Will we ever see the finished result? She’s so damn phony.

Thankfully, Ramona goes to bed. The way she attacked Leah’s real mental health struggles was the final straw for me with Ramona. How can anyone keep her on this show after her disgusting comments? Those are the kind of comments that can have such a negative effect on someone’s psyche.

While trying to make her point to Luann, Dorinda insults her about her own past with drinking. She throws her arrest and probation in her fast. She keeps bringing it up! Dorinda, what are you doing? It’s impossible to have a real conversation with her. She gets so nasty and so mean. It’s interesting to note that her go to insult when drunk is always about Luann’s mugshot and brush with the law.

Liking this women has been really hard this season. The way they drown themselves in booze and attack their friends’ biggest insecurities isn’t really that fun. A few seasons ago New York was the golden child of Housewives. What a fall from grace.

Sonja Morgan Real Housewives Of New York

The next morning, Dorinda recalls the previous night’s conversation in a totally incorrect way. She can never be wrong. She’d rather make up facts in order to face the reality of who she is. Dorinda needs a major period of reflection. The way she cuts to Luann’s jugular every chance she gets just isn’t okay.

Sonja tells Ramona that her water pill is the reason for her antics. The pill has dehydrated her which heightened the effect of the alcohol. Whatever you say Sonja. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen you act like this. You’ve been falling down drunk for many seasons now. Maybe saying she was on a downward spiral like Anna Nicole Smith wasn’t as far from the truth as we thought.

Luann wants Dorinda to understand that she’s hurt by her comments. I wonder if she’ll even be able to express her feelings without getting her head bitten off. Dorinda shuts down any conversation about her possibly having a drinking problem. Good luck with that one. For someone who claims to “make it nice”, she’s so damn nasty.

The idea of watching Luann on a camel again is everything. The Countess is so out of her element doing something like that, and last time it was hilarious. She always gets the short end of the stick or something that malfunctions.

Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

Ramona and Luann talk about the previous night’s events and all the Dorinda drama. They both agree that Dorinda gets vicious when drunk, and it’s impossible to talk to her. All season long, Dorinda has been a total bully. None of that changes Ramona’s own toxic behavior though.

Finally, Ramona agrees to speak to Leah about the recent issues. Ramona claims to have a soft spot for Leah but says she was hurt. Leah comes back saying feelings aren’t facts, and the way Ramona brought up her mental health isn’t okay. Ramona gives a half assed apology that is total bulls**t. The real problem here is Ramona being obsessed with her own image and being a thirsty social climber.

Leah agrees to let it all go because it’s pointless to drag it out. She believes deep down Ramona knows she was wrong. Does she? Ramona is like a scorpion striking everyone with her Singer Stinger every season. She’s been like this since day 1. They need to stop giving her a free pass for being a crap human. Just look at the way she referred to the staff as servants last week. DISGUSTING.

Luann de Lesseps Leah McSweeney Real Housewives Of New York

The women on this show are all natural beauties. They really do look great, and they don’t need a glam to do it. They probably save so much money not having one anyway.

Sonja tells Dorinda about her water pills, and Dorinda just wants her to stop having these episodes. That’s rich coming from Ms. Clip Clip. Dorinda need subtitles every season when she’s wasted out of her mind. She’s the last person I’d be taking advice from about drinking. Practice what you preach darling.

The women agree to let their issues go so they can have a great day together. We’ll see how long that lasts. We know that whenever it’s time for a dinner, the gloves are off. It’s a Housewives tradition at this point.

They’re all going to a really nice place for dinner. Is that the best idea? With the way these women behave lately, I don’t know if going to somewhere nice is a good idea. Go somewhere nobody will recognize you all. However, it’s actually a surprise party for Sonja, so it’s okay. Sonja needs all the love and support she can get. For some reason I have a soft spot for her. I do think she needs an intervention though.

Watching these women getting on camels is actually everything and then some. Luann had the courage to get back on a camel. I’m proud of you Lu! Of course, Ramona is better than them, so she won’t be riding a camel. Go figure. She is so annoying to be around. I don’t know from personal experience, but I’m just assuming. She never participates in anything, and she leaves all events early.

I’m watching this with my grandmother, and I’m actually obsessed with how much she dislikes Ramona. She’s never watched Housewives before, but she is sick of that “snotty bitch” already. Yes Nana! Guys, we have no choice but to Stan my Nana. She gets it.

I’m not entirely sure what she means, but Sonja calling Luann and Dorinda “camel snobby” is so funny. A sober Sonja is actually really sweet and witty. She doesn’t need to be blacked out to be a good time. I really hope she knows that. She’s better than her drunken alter ego.

Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

After some camel bonding, Luann is ready to clear the air with Dorinda. Of course, Dorinda doesn’t think she was that drunk the night before. There’s no way she only had three drinks, and she’s still making up words in Luann’s mouth. Obviously Dorinda has no intention of having a real conversation about these issues without being a toxic troll.

If I was Luann, I’d cut Dorinda out. She hits below the belt every single time. You don’t need friends like that. It’s impossible to have a real relationship with someone who acts like that. Also, it’s really pathetic that Dorinda has stooped to totally making things up to make herself seem better. The cameras don’t lie. We all saw what really happened.

Sonja is so grateful to have her friends arrange this dinner for her. She is so pure. She really is. Despite all of her flaws, there’s some sweet innocence to her still. I don’t know how, but it’s quality that makes me love her.

Luann made that man look even smaller because she’s so tall. Watching them dance was too funny. Season 1 Luann would never. Luann has come a long way in terms of likability. She still has that Countess arrogance at times, but she’s way better than she used to be.

Can we talk about how the drinks at the restaurant are served off of human heads? Also, Ramona assuming the Mexican men at the restaurants were criminals was low key racist, right? Not surprising coming from Corona Singer.

Leah and Ramona reach common ground because of Ramona’s ability to be civil with Mario Singer. A lot of women couldn’t be like that with the ex that betrayed them. I actually think Ramona became a worse person though after that happened. She was semi decent for a half a season after the cheating, and then she turned to the worse. She thinks she’s better than everyone, but why? You’re really not sweetie.

Luann emerges from the back of the restaurant in a sombrero singing Happy Birthday. I can never unsee that. Whelp. I can also never unsee Dorinda with her giant fake breasts singing to Sonja as well. I’m a little bit cringed right now, but I’m also so fascinated. I want to keep watching even if it makes my eyes bleed. Why am I the way I am?

Ramona says if Leah wants to get a long with her, she needs to stop talking about body parts. Leah being the instigator she is, says the word “pussy” right away. Thank you Leah for making Ramona uncomfortable. Now send Ramona running off this show. Her time is up.

Leah starts screaming that Ramona is a “Turtle Time” for life. YES! Keep calling her out. Keep calling out the double standards when it comes to Ramona. Dorinda is right though. Leah is poking the bear a little when it comes to Ramona. Suddenly Ramona comes back with a bottle of water in hand. You’re not fooling anyone Singer. Don’t act like you’re better than everyone.


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