Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Not Very Merry-achi

Time for the annual Real Housewives of New York Mexico trip! No idea why they always go to the same place, but it’ll be fun nonetheless. Trouble is afoot though after last week’s birthday disaster. Ramona Singer was NOT having Leah McSweeney’s dirty dancing at her birthday bash. She spent the entire episode dragging Leah for attire she deemed inappropriate. Who made Ramona the fashion police?

It seems like everyone is growing tired of Ramona being an awful person. This season may be the biggest example of her toxic behavior. The way she treats her longtime friends Sonja Morgan and Dorinda Medley is dreadful. Although, Dorinda hasn’t exactly been a saint this season. Her actions have crossed the line into bullying many times. The biggest villain of this season is alcohol. It makes them all so messy!

Sonja Morgan Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

I’m so disappointed we aren’t kicking off the episode from the party. WTF? That’s such a let down. I feel like we were led to believe there’d be more following Ramona’s meltdown.

Luann de Lesseps’ wig is NOT IT. She’s doing such a nice thing having a spa day for everyone, but she looks a fool. I’m not okay because I can’t ever unsee this. Thanks Lu.

Ramona says her party was a success minus Leah’s actions according to her. She’s up Leah’s ass lately trying to control her. Ramona’s so obsessed with her “one percent” crap that she looks down on everyone.

Sonja should be the real focus if they need someone to talk about. As hilarious as it was, her stomping on the glass was a little disturbing. It’s rough watching someone who is clearly in such a dark place. How much longer can we give Sonja a free pass for her wild antics? Something’s gotta give when it comes to the straw that stirs the drink.

Luann tries to talk to Ramona about Leah, but she wants no part of that discussion. She can’t just pretend that Leah doesn’t exist. She wants to ice out people in this group, but it’s not going to work with Leah. Leah has a Bethenny Frankel type personality that Ramona will always be outmatched by.

Pretending nothing happened at the birthday party is going to lead to so much built up resentment. With an out of country trip on the horizon, talking it out is the best option. Just get it over with!

Luann De Lesseps Leah McSweeney Real Housewives Of New York

Leah tells Luann that Ramona would treat these former inmates like s**t in real life. TRUTH. Ramona thinks she’s better than everyone. Just look at her disgusting comment about dating!

At this point, Leah is done with letting things go when it comes to Ramona. She interrupts Ramona’s conversation with Sonja saying Ramona is a terrible person, a bitch, doesn’t support women, and is a phony. WHERE IS THE LIE?? The Singer Stinger is real. She’s nasty to everyone. She only cares about herself and climbing higher in New York society.

Ramona is totally ignoring Leah’s flying insults, but I bet it bothers her. I love love Leah, but I don’t know if I agree with her statement that she elevates the group. I love everything she stands for socially, but she can be just as big of a mess as the other women. She’s not an innocent angel in a sea of chaos.

The work Luann is doing with these people at the spa is heartwarming. It’s genuinely a nice gesture, and it’s something they’ll always remember. Often people just need to feel like someone cares, and that’s what she’s doing here. Say what you want about Luann, but this is a class act move by the Countess. However, the way she tries to relate to them is a little cringe. Your one night in a Florida jail doesn’t really match a lot of these heartbreaking stories.

Luann De Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

Sonja’s collection is finally in a store! She finally did it! How major is this? We’ve come so long from that damn toaster oven. I want to thank that homeless girl in Ireland and the Nigerian football time for making this happen. She couldn’t have accomplished this without you. AND ALL OF THE INTERNS.

Ramona plans on totally avoiding Leah in Mexico. The way she randomly brings up Leah’s bipolar disorder and medications is so disgusting. How dare you drag someone’s legitimate mental health struggles into this petty s**t? Another low for Ramona. As someone who struggles with bipolar disorder myself, I’m extremely appalled at the way Ramona discusses mental health. People like that are the reason for the stigma that’s still present today.

At the airport one of the women’s bags starts going off with a buzzing sound. Looks like it belongs to Luann. She claims it was a thing to mix juice, but come on we all know what it really was. It was a toy for her lower level.

Dorinda Medley Real Housewives Of New York

The ladies arrive at their resort and start drinking right away. It’s only a matter of time before Dorinda is slurring, and Sonja is falling out of her chair. That’s the way it usually goes down right? They even have their own bar, so this will be a cast trip for the ages.

Ramona confides in Sonja that she is hurt and disappointed following Leah’s actions. She didn’t ruin the entire party. Why is she harping on this? Ramona starts shedding crocodile tears about being embarrassed in front of her 50 closest friends. Somehow Sonja agrees with Ramona about this. Wait how? Also, you are not one to talk here. You actually BROKEN things. I’d be way more pissed at Sonja for what she did. STOP GIVING HER A FREE PASS.

Sonja blurts out that she has the “chubbiest pussy ever”. Leah is quick to bring up that if she said that it would be the end of the world. Ramona would crucify her for saying ANYTHING remotely close to that. The way Leah is ready to have her throat on Ramona’s neck at any given time is everything to me right now. Hold her accountable.

Everyone usually goes psycho about the rooms, so Dorinda devises a game show to decide. Luann gets hers first followed by Leah. No lower level or fish room for Luann on this trip! This is a nice change of pace.

Leah McSweeney Real Housewives Of New York

Dorinda and Leah have an honest conversation about her issue with Ramona. Leah’s aware of Ramona talking about her mental health, and is so disgusted by her despicable comments. How low can this woman stoop? Please take her off this show. The way Ramona went to get dirt on her is just low class.

I have nothing good to say about Ramona after hearing the way she uses bipolar disorder as a weapon. I’m pretty through with her. Hopefully Leah spends this entire vacation dragging her and everything about her.

After their conversation, Dorinda urges Ramona to speak to Leah. The double standard from Ramona about Leah and Sonja is mind blowing. How does she not see it? It honestly makes her look stupid. Her friend has been a drunken mess for the last like seven seasons. That’s where she should direct her judgmental energy. Or she could just mind her f***ing business entirely. That would be a great new look for Ramona.

Sonja Morgan Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

Now that Ramona knows about her bipolar disorder, she is running with this alcohol medication reaction rumor. She has no clue what she’s talking about. Sonja insists on coming to dinner, but she’s in no shape to do that. Sonja is trashed and naked while getting her hair done, but Ramona doesn’t say a word. Not a peep. Hypocrite. Stop coming for Leah when Sonja is in THAT kind of shape.

A drunken Sonja stirs up a conversation between Leah and Ramona to hash it all out. However, Ramona has no interest in talking about it in a group session. Leah is quick to call out how Ramona has bashed her depression issue and her vagina to the Upper East Side. Ramona wants no part in talking about vaginas. She storms away. Please don’t make me wait.


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