Real Housewives Of New York Recap: What Will We Do Without Dorinda?

This episode is going to hit a little differently after the news Dorinda Medley is leaving The Real Housewives Of New York. They say all good things must come to an end. It hasn’t exactly been the best season for her, so it’s not all that surprising. Ramona Singer tried telling Dorinda she has anger issues, but you can’t tell someone something they don’t want to hear.

The season has felt like a disjointed mess at times, but through it all, they give us the humor and drama we want. There isn’t a whole lot happening heading into one of the final episodes of the season, so hopefully it’s good. On last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York, it was so nice to see a positive moment for Sonja Morgan. At last, she finally came through on something. Now come on ladies, give us a solid end to this season!

Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little emotional watching Dorinda in this episode. She’s been awful this season, but she’s brought us so many iconic moments over the years. She LOVES Christmas which will always win points in my book. I don’t know what I’m going to do without our yearly trip to The Berkshires.

How great is it to see Sonja finally winning for a change? Her life has felt so unsteady for years now. This is such a welcome change. No idea why I have such a soft spot for her, but she doesn’t ever feel malicious. She’s a little delusional and stuck in the past, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with that.

Ramona says she and Leah McSweeney are in a good place after Mexico, so things should be go well at the Married To The Mob party. It’s so great seeing women supporting women. Ramona was appalling to Leah all season, but hopefully they are finally on the right track.

Both Luann de Lesseps and Ramona feel like there’s a lot of unresolved issues with Dorinda after Mexico. Dorinda’s inability to actually listen when people are speaking might be why she’s on her way out.  Nobody wants to work with someone who is always angry and deflecting.

Luann gives Ramona a heads up that Elyse Slaine is invited to her party. Things have been rocky between Ramona and Elyse for a while now, so we may see some sparks at the event. Ramona doesn’t want to talk about Elyse at all, but she does say Elyse isn’t a girls girl. What has Elyse done wrong? Ramona finds ELYSE manipulative. That has to be the most pot calling the kettle black moment of the century.

Ramona gives Luann a laundry list of reasons why she wants nothing to do with Elyse. What’s more likely is that Ramona can’t stand that Elyse sees through her bs and caught on to her true colors. This season has been a shining light on who the real Ramona is, and it’s not pretty.

Elyse Slaine Real Housewives Of New York

Leah’s 15th anniversary party for her company is in full swing, and the women will be at the same party as her family. Are you sure you want them there? They aren’t going to vibe well with this whatsoever. Dorinda is the first to arrive, and she’s so out of her element. She’s overdressed to the max for this event. Her dress code might be out of touch, but her energy sure matches the brand. Dorinda is THAT bitch and has such a mafia wife vibe.

Elyse shows up next, and they all discuss Ramona suddenly having a distrust for her. Leah says at the end of the Mexico trip, she was told by Ramona not to invite Elyse. Who the hell does she think she is? Ramona does not run this group. She doesn’t control them. Leah is a grown ass woman who can invite whomever she wants to her brand’s big party.

There’s such a refreshed energy about Luann this season. I don’t know if anyone has ever had such a redemption as she has. She feels lighter and a lot more vibrant this year. I don’t know if it’s because Bethenny Frankel isn’t around to trash her all season or what, but she’s so likable for a change.

Sonja arrives and like a magnet, she’s drawn directly to all of the men in attendance. Some things never change. The men appear to be mid twenties, so she’s dating a little older at least. She also is coming off a little wasted so early on at the party. Did she show up drunk?

Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

Ramona tries pulling her best Mariah Carey impression when she arrives and claims she doesn’t know why Elyse is. However, being the gangster goddess that she is, Elyse isn’t letting Ramona off so easily. She grabs Ramona’s arm, and it looks like Ramona is going to be forced to confront whatever her issue is. I know she thinks Elyse used her, but for what? I bet Ramona did everything in her power to make sure Elyse didn’t get an apple this season.

Apparently her ignoring technique did work because Ramona is OUT of the party. She hightailed it out of the event and down the street. The power that Elyse has, Let’s be honest, they’re going to have a million times more fun without Corona Singer being the judge and jury.

The DJ apparently was planning ahead for the pandemic because he has his face covering on. When was this filmed? Ir’s so weird seeing him wear that, and nobody else wearing them. I know the virus wasn’t a thing at the time, but seeing crowds like this now is such a foreign concept.

Leah gives her sister 15% of her brand in a surprise announcement. WOWZA. I hope that’s for real and not just drunk talk, or she’ll regret it in the morning. What a generous gift! I’ll take a little slice too!

Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

Following the party, Ramona calls Luann and shares why she ditched the party. She doesn’t like the “negative energy” of Elyse. Oh okay. How can Ramona have such a lack of self awareness? I digress..

Something exciting in the works for Luann is a memoir about her life! What a story that will be! Luann gets emotionally talking about the portions about her father. Leave it to Ramona to provide some comedic relief though. She can’t figure out how to hang up her call, and she was listening the entire time to Luann’s meeting. Someone teach her how to use technology.

Luann has a renewed understanding of her father after going through a lot of the same struggles. He too spent time in jail and had an issue with alcohol. I hope she can keep her life turned around like he was about to, and I wish her success on her book!

Sonja Morgan Real Housewives Of New York

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DORINDA! It’s such a bittersweet moment because this will be the last one we share with her. She makes a dig in her interview about how she will have her real friends there unlike Ramona. The biggest surprise of all is her inclusion of John Mahdessian at her birthday party. After calling it quits earlier this season, he is the last person I expected to make it onto her guest list. She wants to keep him in her life as a friend, so hopefully they’re able to maintain that.

They all start cheering to 2020 at the party. If they only knew. I remember when we were all innocent and hopeful for the new year to come. ANNNNNNND then it all went to crap.

Ramona doesn’t understand why John is at the party and thinks it’s wrong she invited him. Stay out of it Singer. It’s none of your business who someone else invites to your party. Show up and celebrate your friend while keeping your mouth shut. It’s truly THAT simple.

Leah doesn’t think Ramona has an awareness of her own socially awkward behavior. I think that hits the nail on the head when it comes to Ramona. She’s missing that filter and sensitivity chip that most of us have. She probably doesn’t even realizing when she’s being cruel and dismissive.

Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

Luann picks a fight with Dorinda because Dorinda is on her phone at dinner. It might be a little hypocritical of Dorinda to be doing that, but cut her some slack. It’s her birthday. Not everything always has to be about her. She may be right in this instance, but it’s not the right time or place to cause a scene.

Ramona thinks Dorinda is the one in the wrong with how she’s acting in this scenario. Normally I would agree, but Luann is toasted and starting with her out of nowhere. Let her be for one damn night. I’m not the biggest Dorinda fan, but this feels like a coordinated attack by Luann and Ramona on Dorinda.

John gives a nice toast at the dinner about the bond he shares with Dorinda. I hated John when we first met him, but over time he grew on me a little. Not every couple that splits can have that kind of peace between one another.

Luann decides to give the next toast and appears with a microphone out of nowhere. The speech goes on for an eternity. I shaved my entire head before the speech started, and now my hair is down to my knees. That’s how long this was. However, Luann makes my entire night by giving us her rendition of Happy Birthday. The Countess comes up on my Tidal playlist more times than I care to admit. She can’t sing at all, but somehow always comes out with a bop.


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