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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Alum Sheree Whitfield Blames The She By Shereé Failure On Coronavirus

We’re all sick of it. The horrible plague began it’s assault on the world earlier this year and most everyone has been impacted by the virus. The entertainment world basically shut down in an effort to slow the spread. We said good-bye to Broadway and a host of television shows went out of production. As we try to move forward in a safe manner, we are seeing the fallout of such an extraordinary contagion.

Businesses took a very hard hit. If it didn’t close, it might be struggling. Speaking of struggling, Real Housewives of Atlanta veteran, Shereé Whitfield has long touted her fashion line. Those obsessed with on-trend styles and everything Vogue have been waiting years for the official debut of She by Shereé. Now, it’s with a heavy heart that I must report Coronavirus has taken yet another métier. Friends, we must bid adieu to our dreams of a fashion show with no fashion.

Covid-19 or Coronavirus has been an evil bitch. The epidemic isn’t over yet and it is still claiming victims. Lots of our Housewives have side gigs. Kandi Burruss has her restaurant chain, Old Lady Gang. Cynthia Bailey sells wine. And Shereé has been mercilessly teasing the general public with her esteemed fashion haus, She by Shereé for roughly ten years.

Unfortunately, Shereé’s vision will remain just that, a vision. GONE are our dreams of high-end athleisure. Will the madness ever end?? According to Shereé, She by Shereé is now Shereé Won’t Ever by Corona. Pour one out for our swank daydreams of lightweight joggers. Andy Cohen hosted a special event on Watch What Happens Live, the revered “Golden Robe Awards”. Bravo’s The Daily Dish shared the scoop.


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The incredibly tight competition for the category of, “Best @Home Vault Item” was won (naturally) by Shereé. This is thanks in part to the historic fully dressed mannequins in her collection of joggers and separates. Andy, along with the rest of the world, is a huge fan of She by Shereé. When the trendsetting maven appeared to receive her accolades, he requested an update on her bevy of casual attire.

“I feel like your appearance with all the joggers made everyone so excited about more joggers,” Andy exclaimed. “Did it light the fire? Will we be seeing them,” Andy asked hopefully. Friends, now might be a good time to grab those tissues. Shereé replied, “It’s been sitting in Chateau Shereé, AKA Neverland and only occasionally making its debut on myself, lol!” What? That is hardly amusing news, Shereé .


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She continued, “You know what, Andy, first… you know, after we talked, the whole world shut down — that’s factories, your manufacturing… that’s everything. So that was the end of the joggers. But who knows. There’s been so much huge talk about it. Who knows? One day I may, but right now, I’m not.” OH THE HUMANITY!  Shereé also shared the devastating news via her Instagram.

Well, I am done for the day. Call your superiors, alert your teachers, we need a collective afternoon off. Tomorrow we will rise again, with the hope that life goes on, despite the injustices of the world. One day we might attend live music venues again. One day we might roam mask-free and return to “normal”. And with many prayers and positive thoughts, one day our dreams might come true. She by Shereé is a brand, a mindset, a lifestyle. And we will never lose hope that Shereé will one day give us a fashion show with actual fashion.


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