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Kyle Richards Says She Is “In A Good Place” With Denise Richards

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Denise Richards announced in September that she was exiting the show. She had a pretty rough season. RHOBH viewers saw Brandi Glanville allege that she had a sexual liaison with Denise. Denise, whose husband Aaron Phypers was annoying all season, denied the hookup.

The accusations divided the cast, and “OG” Kyle Richards sided with Brandi. But that wasn’t Kyle’s only issue with Denise. Kyle called out Denise for not engaging with her fellow Housewives and for walking away repeatedly. Denise did not want to discuss these hookup allegations on camera, but Kyle and her bestie Teddi Mellencamp would not be denied.

And let’s not forget that at Denise and Aaron’s backyard pizza party, Kyle came in hot. She ridiculed the diamond-shaped ice sculpture and mockingly called Denise “a ragamuffin.” Well I never! Such language in front of Denise’s children!

In an interview with US Weekly, Kyle shared that she and Denise have mended their relationship. Kyle said, “I never like leaving things hanging and having, you know, loose ends like that. And I’ve texted with her since then and we’re good.”


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Kyle added, “We’re in a good place, but I would have loved to come back and work through all that, but you know, it didn’t end up that way but we can work it out off camera.” Kyle might not want to wait by the phone for Denise to call.

Of course, Kyle addressed using the word “ragamuffin” to describe Denise. “I said it in a not nice tone, that’s what I regret. But the word, honestly, my mom used to always, you know, call me a little ragamuffin. … It wasn’t like a horrible word, you know what I mean?” It certainly wasn’t a compliment, Kyle.


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“It was just that night that I was, like, having a meltdown and I just didn’t like the tone. It didn’t feel like myself,” the actress said.

Kyle wasn’t a big fan of Season 10. “Our ratings were off the charts, but it was really one of my least favorite seasons, to be honest, just for me personally. When there’s crazy stuff going on, [the audience loves it], but it creates a lot of anxiety for me,” Kyle stated.  “And I was really exhausted because I was filming [the] Halloween movie at the same time and filming the Housewives and launching my clothing line, Kyle and Shahida.”


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The RHOBH star added, “I felt exhausted. I looked exhausted, and I hated everything that was going on with the drama with women. It was just too much,” she said. “So, I’m happy to, like, start fresh.”

In the video interview, Kyle also revealed that she is also in a good place with Brandi. “Yeah. These past years she’s been nothing but nice to me.” It is crazy that Kyle gets along with Brandi but has no relationship with former bestie and RHOBH alum Lisa Vanderpump. For someone who doesn’t enjoy drama, Kyle always finds herself in the center of it.


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