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THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA -- Pictured: (l-r) Porsha Williams, Cynthia Bailey, Tanya Sam -- Photo by: George Pimental/Bravo)

Stripper Denies Allegations Of Sexual Activity With Any Real Housewives Of Atlanta At Cynthia Bailey’s Bachelorette Party

NeNe Leakes who? The Real Housewives of Atlanta are full steam ahead and not looking back. What they are lacking in losing a veteran cast member, they are making up for with sordid tales of debauchery and excess. Congratulations are in order for Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill. They were wed in holy matrimony over the weekend, but Cynthia’s bachelorette soirée was anything but immaculate.

RHOA is shaping up to have plenty of content for next season. It has a little bit of everything but NeNe. There will be a tad of something for everyone. New blood? They got it. Navigating social unrest? It’s there. Allowing a stripper to touch your no-no spot during a raucous bachelorette party? That one is nailed down too. Allegedly. After denials that anything happened but good clean fun at Cynthia’s partay, now the dancer at the center of the “scandal” is speaking his truth.

Lie, lie, and deny, as they say. Or go ahead and call the storyline gods. Some think where there’s smoke, there’s fire, but in this case all we might have is a bunch of baseless rumors. OR DO WE? The most interesting thing to ever happen to Cynthia went down (side-eye) at a function to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. People are not unaccustomed to hiring dancers of an exotic nature to such events. And many tall tales have been spawned as a result of alcohol, semi-naked people, and cameras.

Tanya Sam and Porsha Williams found themselves in the hot seat after this rumor was leaked by Cynthia. Mama Joyce’s streets are saying there is filmed evidence. New cast member LaToya Ali has also been named in the ménage à whynot. It’s a scandal, y’all! Or is it? Tanya is very much engaged and Porsha may or may not still be with Dennis McKinley. Is it possible the party atmosphere was so hedonistic they were unable to refrain from sharing their collective joy over Cynthia’s wedding day? Let’s hear from the dancer.


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In an Instagram post, Michael Bolwaire, aka Bolo the Entertainer, aka “not just A stripper, THE stripper”, wants to set the record straight. He flat out denies anything happened. Michael says, “I’ve built an entire brand on professionalism and it doesn’t stop here. The rumors and allegations going around right now are straight bullshit.” I mean look, he could very well see an opening for lots of media attention and drag this out, but he appears to be taking the road less traveled.


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“Although I’m flattered to be in the same conversation with these beautiful women, nothing happened,” Michael shared. He also said that his followers, fans, and supporters from over the years can attest to the fact that he is nothing but professional. And if you require further statements of denial from this gentleman, he pretty much sealed the deal with, “I don’t need any unnecessary mileage on my dick.” Hopefully that line will be made into a t-shirt that I will purchase in the near future.


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So the stripper is removing himself from this narrative, but did anything happen between the ladies? Who cares if it did? They are adults, they are of legal drinking age, sometimes weird things happen that you don’t necessarily remember the next day. The takeaway here seems to be that no one went Cinemax After Dark with the hired dancer. It sounds like Cynthia’s bachelorette was a huge blast but it also sounds like the most interesting thing that has ever happened to Cynthia remains nothing more than a rumor.


[Photo Credit: George Pimental/Bravo]