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Tamra Judge Says She Got A Phone Call During Real Housewives Of Orange County Reunion; Teases “You Might See It”

Tamra Judge ditched Real Housewives of Orange County before Season 15 began filming because she wasn’t offered an orange. Instead, she was offered a three-episode arc to conclude her story. Housewives producer Andy Cohen has floated the idea of Tamra one day returning.

Well, dear readers, sometime might be sooner than anyone thought. During this dark season of RHOC, it’s almost like Tamra never left. Oh, how I wish Tamra was at Lake Arrowhead with Kelly Dodd, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Gina Kirschenheiter, and newbie Elizabeth Lyn Vargas. Watching everyone do outdoor activities isn’t exactly riveting television, although watching Gina is hilarious. We need someone to stir up some trouble, which happens to be Tamra’s specialty.

Tamra is still a strong presence on the show this season. Emily Simpson and Kelly made endless jokes about the end of the Tres Amigas since Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson exited the show. Kelly went after Braunwyn by saying that she didn’t believe that Braunwyn was really an alcoholic and took to Twitter to call Braunwyn “Tamra 2.0.” Naturally, Tamra slammed Kelly and her ridiculous coronavirus claims.

Braunwyn  acknowledged that her make-out partner last season has been a good friend to her. Tamra was there to support Braunwyn’s decision to become sober, and to celebrate Braunwyn’s decision to share that she is a lesbian.


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One person who doesn’t want Tamra to return to RHOC is former bestie and Tres Amigas member, Shannon Beador. While Shannon stated that Tamra prevented her from becoming friends with her co-stars, Tamra denied those allegations.

According to People, on December 19, Tamra revealed that she may have a part in the upcoming reunion during an Instagram Live with CJ Sykes. Tamra shared, “I did get a phone call during the reunion. You might see it, I don’t know.” She stated that she has “gotten a little bit of feedback” about the reunion, which was filmed earlier in December. Tamra also said that she is still in contact with Gina and Braunwyn.

Tamra claimed that she isn’t tuning in to Season 15, which is perhaps the biggest lie that Tamra has ever uttered. Please, girl. Tamra is thirstier than the Sahara Desert.


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“They shot the reunion yesterday and I think that the reunion is going to be better than the entire season. I do think there’s going to be a shakeup– a big shakeup,” Tamra remarked. I thought Tamra didn’t watch this season of RHOC?

So, would Tamra return to the show? “Well, I never know what Bravo’s going to decide to do. There is a lot of buzz out there saying I’m going to be asked back,” Tamra explained. I think there is a good chance that next season will feature Tamra once again clutching an orange.  Tamra added, “I have not gotten a formal offer yet and if I get a formal offer I’m not telling anybody. I’m just going to walk on.” Now that would be a memorable Housewives moment.


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