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D’Andra Simmons Is Surprised That Kary Brittingham Called Her “Selfish” And “Not A Good Friend;” Says “It Really Hurt My Feelings”

Season 5 of Real Housewives of Dallas is really delivering. D’Andra Simmons is seeing a shaman, who either blows some stuff into her nose, or sucks something out. Working on herself spiritually is making a huge difference for D’Andra.

In December of 2020, D’Andra was diagnosed with Covid-19 and was hospitalized. She was in the ICU and was on oxygen. That is so scary.

It is obvious to RHOD fans that D’Andra’s former bestie, tequila enthusiast Kary Brittingham, has an ax to grind. When D’Andra showed up to newbie Tiffany Moon’s brunch, she was feeling under the weather. Kary and Kameron Westcott made fun of D’Andra and called her a hypochondriac.

During the most recent episode of the show, Kary seemed to be jealous of D’Andra’s friendship with Tiffany. Could Kary’s constant digs at D’Andra be caused by the green-eyed monster? Kary came in hot this season and has been merciless to D’Andra.


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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, D’Andra discussed the status of her friendship with Kary. “I am still confused about that, to be honest. I didn’t understand that Kary had such deep-seeded opinions and feelings about our friendship until I started watching the season,” D’Andra stated. Awkward!

She continued, “I mean, I knew we were fighting a lot on, you know, during filming, but I never, ever would’ve thought that she would’ve called me selfish or that I wasn’t a good friend, or any of the things she’s saying about me, and it really hurt my feelings and I’ve really tried to get to the bottom of it with her, and you’ll see that kinda unpack and unfold.”


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D’Andra and Kary spent much of the off-season together. Kary sells jewelry, and D’Andra has a health supplement company and a skincare line. The duo would often travel around Texas to trunk shows. The amount of time that they spent together could have negatively impacted their friendship, but D’Andra believes that the coronavirus pandemic also played a role.

D’Andra stated, “Kary probably had a much more difficult time than I did during quarantine, because she’s a very social person, whereas I am happy to be at home with my dogs and my husband and my books, and I can stay at home for months and not have a problem.” For her 50th birthday beach party, Kary was sprayed with champagne by bare-chested men. I’d say that’s pretty social.


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“Kary has to be out and has to be doing things and has to be going to dinners and she’s just, it’s not OK for her to be isolated,” D’Andra shared.

She believes Kary was a bit out of control when filming started because she was stressed from being at home for so long.


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D’Andra remarked, “After hearing a lot about what she’s going through and the different struggles she’s had, I thought maybe I should be a little more compassionate or a little more understanding.”

No matter how Zen D’Andra is, I doubt that she’ll be friends with Kary at the end of this season.


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