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D’Andra Simmons Takes Notes Before Filming Scenes On Real Housewives Of Dallas; Says Producers Think She’s “Weird”

Real Housewives of Dallas finally returned and Season 5 started with a bang. Brandi Redmond cried because she made an ignorant video, but she’s totally sorry so it’s apparently okay. Kary Brittingham is complaining about food and lowkey bullying people to take shots after a season of complaining about LeeAnne Locken’s bullying and complaining. And D’Andra Simmons is having some random dude stick a tube up her nose to suck out any bad juju residing in her sinus cavity.

Yep, it’s strange but it’s what we’re working with. There’s a lot going on, the ladies are filming during the pandemic. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with the new guidelines or what’s happening with each person. While Mama Dee’s Queen of Sheba wig will live rent free in all of our minds forever, not everything sticks. So while D’Andra is getting haunted smoke blown in her face from the shaman in an effort to improve her life, she is also taking notes to give to producers to improve her scenes.

Real talk, Tiffany Moon arrived and is currently in a vocal fry war with Kameron Westcott – we are all victims in that battle. Collateral damage could be some much needed brain cells if you are in the same room with them during a conversation. This is a possible reason why D’Andra has taken to writing certain points down so she can remember them.

Page Six has the details. D’Andra said, “I kind of look at everything that’s happening week by week and I will make my own notes about what points I want to get across.” I literally have to write a note to remind myself to buy food so my children remain alive, so I get it. “It’s really important if you’re not prepared when you’re going into doing a scene and you forget something and … you can’t go back,” she added.


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While some might find this to be a tad inauthentic, it’s not a bad idea. The attitude climate is often unstable in Dallas, so keeping track of who is mad at what could come in handy if someone’s shaman accidentally snaps his fingers near their 3rd eye and erases memories from the last 3 weeks. That said, D’Andra admits the RHOD producers think she’s kind of weird when she provides them with bullet points to address during her shots.

D’Andra added, “It’s a catch-22. They like the fact I’m prepared. On the other hand, then do you take out the spontaneity of what’s going to happen? I always have to remember that just because I want this to happen, I want to get this point across, it may not be where it’s going to go. The scene may not go that way.” In the future, D’Andra hopes to eventually loosen the grip on her control issues.


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“I like to know what the end result is going to be and you can’t do that with life,” she said. Is this why D’Andra is paying a small fortune to a guy that dresses like a centaur who chants? “And I don’t like that about life, but I have to let go and let things happen.” Sis might need a Magic 8 Ball instead of a magick man… Hopefully she will succeed in taking a step back and relaxing, because production is growing weary of D’Andra’s weekly PowerPoint presentations on how many times it takes Tiffany to teach Kameron a new word.


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