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Real Housewives Of Dallas Recap: How To Party Like It’s 1999

Tiffany Moon hasn’t wasted any time sharing her culture with the ladies. The Real Housewives of Dallas are out of their comfort zone more than ever before. We’re actually about to have a full on feud over the refusal to consume a chicken foot. Kameron Westcott may have the palate of a third grader, but who is Tiffany to berate her for that? Tiffany is bringing some rich vibes this season, but at what point does that turn to snotty?

Now that the group is moving on from the Brandi Redmond racist video mocking Asians, the future is becoming clearer. There’s obviously something brewing between Kary Brittingham & D’Andra Simmons. Who claims to be someone’s friend and then berates them the way Kary did to her on last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Dallas. A small amount of playful teasing is one thing. However, Kary is coming off like a bully. Will D’Andra hold her accountable?

Kameron Westcott Real Housewives Of Dallas

Kameron’s dog’s commitment to health and exercise really makes me feel bad about myself. They really have this dog training like it’s some Olympic hopeful. Then there’s me, sitting on my couch eating Doritos. We are not the same.

Kameron calls all of the women to invite her to a 50th birthday celebration for Kary. WOO! A whole celebration for someone who doesn’t have the first clue how to be a decent friend. This should be quite the tequila train wreck to watch.

Inviting Tiffany makes Kameron nervous because of how they left things at the restaurant. In Kameron’s mind, Tiffany was trying to embarrass her for not eating the chicken foot. Tiffany definitely took things too far at the meal. There’s trying to introduce new things to your friends, and then there’s shoving it down their throats. She wouldn’t respect Kameron’s polite declining of the foot, and that’s where she crossed the line. Respect her boundaries.


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Kameron goes on about Tiffany’s lack of hosting skills. If she brings this up at the party, it’ll undoubtedly ignite a firestorm because Tiffany doesn’t hold her tongue. She’s not going to sit there and take a high society lesson from the likes of Kameron. She just isn’t. I personally am on Kameron’s side here, but trying to “educate” someone like that is just as bad.

Stephanie Hollman Real Housewives Of Dallas

Stephanie Hollman & Travis Hollman take their boys behind their home to go fishing. Stephanie has never struck me as a very outdoorsy woman, so this ought to be hilarious. The mere sight of the worm has Stephanie squirming and screaming.

Stephanie recently started a charitable organization for needy schools, but she’s getting some pushback from Travis. To him, it’s way too big of an endeavor with too much to do. It’s really dismissive the way he’s taking credit for everything and trying to discredit what she’s doing here. No that’s not cool. This isn’t 1950.

She’s out there trying something new and making a difference, but his lack of support is deafening. She wants more depth in her life. The stay at home mom gig is only fulfilling her so much. Travis has so much going for him, so why can’t Stephanie be able to branch out and evolve? She wants to reclaim who she used to be. Let her be herself.


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Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

Tiffany’s parents don’t leave their home under any circumstance. Her father is severely immunocompromised, so he’s in a high risk category for contracting COVID. If he were to fall victim to the virus, it could spell the end for him. That’s not a risk Tiffany’s mother is willing to take.

As a result of her parents aggressive quarantine, Tiffany’s doing all of the grocery shopping for them. It’s sad hearing that Tiffany’s work schedule keeps her from quality time with her children. A shopping trip is about as close as they get to bonding time. Imagine having that chaotic of a schedule and then joining a reality show where you’ll be away from them more. I’m not sure that’s a choice everyone would make, but it’s her life.

The more I hear about Tiffany’s mother, the more you can tell they’re related. Both have an affinity for the finer things in life. Her mother’s first reaction to receiving a new Porsche as a gift was “it’s not turbo?”. Where’s the gratitude? Why is there such a sense of entitlement? Jeesh.


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Tiffany’s children don’t understand why they can’t hug her grandmother. HOW HEARTBREAKING IS THAT TO HEAR? Children have no idea how to wrap their minds around the gravity of this pandemic. They simply want to love and be loved, and right now they have to do it from afar.

Being a grandmother is much better suited to her mother than being a mother according to Tiffany. She says there was no deep bonding that took place when she was growing up. It was all about getting the best grades and then the top career. TIFFANY’S TIKTOK VIDEOS ABOUT HER MOM ARE HILARIOUS. If her mother were to ever learn the way she’s portrayed as such a tiger mom, she’d blow a gasket.

Kameron Westcott Real Housewives Of Dallas

Kameron meets with the party planners for Kary’s birthday bash, and it’s going to be LAVISH. Kameron is the best friend ever for making all of Kary’s dreams come true for this birthday. 50 is a milestone, so it’s sweet she has a friend like Kameron to make everything happen. The all white theme is maybe a bit too much, but I’m sure the finished result will look stunning.

Kameron’s continuing to throw shade toward Tiffany about her hosting ability. She’s setting out to have the most proper party in the history of events to show her up. There will be a centerpiece. There will be ANY FOOD ALLOWED IN YOUR MOUTH. That’s a big one. No chicken feet on the premises. At least not by force!


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Kary’s biggest request is to be sprayed with champagne by hot models. That’s definitely a situation. Very sticky. Quite the mess. Given the way she is obsessed with downing shots, I’m surprised she doesn’t want to be sprayed with tequila. Although that would be a big waste of the good stuff. We can’t run out of alcohol to try and force down the throats of our friends now can we?

Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

To commemorate her 50th birthday, Kary is having an empowering business photoshoot. Sexy photoshoot? If we got rid of the gaudy and overpriced jewelry from the shot, then maybe it would be a lot more attractive. That jewelry is NOT IT. Sorry honey. It’s not working for you or for anyone really. I don’t want to knock anyone’s business, but the designs leave a lot to be desired.

Stephanie stops by the shoot and tells Kary she’s ready to do more in life. Her children are older, and she’s reached a point where she wants to do more in life. Kary started her jewelry company later in life as well, so this is something she can relate to. Kudos to Stephanie for using this newfound ambition to make a difference in the world. She could be selfish and want to make herself a ton of money, but she’s not. That’s commendable.

Kary believes everything she’s gone through in her life has gotten her to this point. She brings up how she’s a great friend, but we’ve seen her show why that’s not true. The way she berates D’Andra isn’t behavior conducive to a good friend. Staying on D’Andra’s neck like a bloodthirsty attack dog for no reason isn’t how most people show their love. Maybe Kary should use this milestone birthday to do some serious self reflection.


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Kameron Westcott Real Housewives Of Dallas

Kameron’s hosting the party at her father-in-law’s because her house is currently up for sale. She can’t risk something bad happening to her home while she’s trying to sell it. Some big damage would definitely depreciate the value and result in a huge loss for the Westcott family.

Brandi’s recent trip to Florida has Kameron irritated because Florida is a COVID-19 hotspot. As someone who lives in the Orlando, FL area myself, I can attest to the constantly rising number of cases here. Every single day the amount of people contracting the virus is staggering. Brandi’s level of social irresponsibility is showing by choosing to attend this birthday party. Stay at home and quarantine. Don’t be selfish.

Kameron’s thinking people might be scared to sit next to Brandi at the party. Who wouldn’t be? Brandi needs to sit on the end of the table and wear a mask the entire time. Obviously that won’t be happening because they show her in the car with Stephanie sans PPE. Oh okay.


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Brandi says she’s taken four tests since returning from Florida, so she gets points for being proactive about it. They’ve all turned out to be negative, so in her mind she’s making the best decision she can at this time. Alright alright. At least she knows people might be concerned about spending time near her.

MAJOR POINTS TO BRANDI FOR WEARING THE FACE SHIELD AT THE PARTY. She’s going out of her way to be there for Kary but also be socially responsible. I take back most of what I said. Wearing a negative COVID test around her next might be going a little too far though. Extra extra!

Kameron Westcott Real Housewives Of Dallas

When Tiffany returns home from work every day, she goes through a lengthy decontamination process. The ritual even includes taking an outdoor shower. She knows the dangers we all face in this pandemic, and being on the frontlines like that must be terrifying at times. She’s seen real patients perish from the virus. That must weigh heavy on her knowing she will be going home to her family after witnessing that.

Kameron confides in Jennifer Davis about her displeasure regarding Tiffany’s traditional Asian meal. The chicken foot debacle was just too much for Kameron to let go of. She went as far as to hide the chicken foot under the table. Kameron lied to Tiffany and said she ate the foot, but obviously she didn’t. Bringing this up in front of everyone at the party is likely to be a very divisive topic.


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Kameron certainly knows how to put on a fabulous party. She goes out of her way to create an EXPERIENCE. That’s the kind of friend you want to have in your life. Also, Brandi struggling to do tequila shots because of her face shield was probably funnier than it should have been. We all know Brandi’s a big proponent of getting her drink on, so that must feel like hell to her!

Tiffany arrives and agrees to do one shot with Kary, but that’s it. She knows her limit, so Kary should respect that. At the same time, this is the same woman that forced the chicken foot on Kameron. There’s a level of hypocrisy already emanating from the newbie of the group. It’s not a good look, especially because right after that, Tiffany refers to Brandi as COVID girl. Oh I get it. Tiffany can say something like that, but Kameron can’t. I’m just trying to learn the rules here. Noted.

Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

Kameron & Tiffany start arguing over chicken feet, and the petty of it all is hilarious. This is actually a fight taking place at this birthday dinner right now. Tiffany had no idea it would devolve into this, but Kameron isn’t trying to be offensive to Asian culture by declining this. She doesn’t like chicken feet. That’s point blank period.

Tiffany’s saying Kameron needs to loosen up a little bit. That’s not an incorrect statement, but I don’t think this is an example of that. I am a pretty open minded person who loves to have fun, but a chicken foot won’t be on my menu anytime soon. It is what it is.


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Thankfully Kary breaks up that stupidity of that fight, and it’s time for alcohol. Well it was a welcome distraction until she started pouring the alcohol down everyone’s throats. That might be taking things a little far. Everyone in this group is so damn pushy. Let people live and breathe.

Kary is so lit she throws a fully clothed Tiffany into the pool. She has no idea how to swim. Not to be dramatic, but she could’ve died. Kary’s defense to her actions is that she wants to have fun with Tiffany, but she takes things too far. Kary is suffering BIG TIME from that second season Housewives curse. She was awful last on the last Real Housewives of Dallas season too, but this is on an entirely new level.


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