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Kary Brittingham Had Another Falling Out With LeeAnne Locken After Kary Defended Brandi Redmond’s Video Mocking Asians

Well, it’s come to this. Now we are debating how one person’s ignorance is better than another person’s ignorance. It’s no secret Real Housewives of Dallas star Kary Brittingham never got along with former co-worker LeeAnne Locken. To be fair, no one really got along with LeeAnne. It was more a matter of not triggering her and staying on the good side of whatever personality she was using on a particular day.

Though LeeAnne was an anchor of the show, her mouth got her in trouble and she was pretty much shown the door. After making numerous comments about Kary that were less than politically correct, LeeAnne became another casualty of Bravo’s racist reckoning. The same cannot be said for Brandi Redmond, however. Several years ago, Brandi made a social media video mocking Asians. As an extra bonus, she did it in front of her kids. When Kary defended Brandi’s actions, LeeAnne felt some type of way. And this is why two people who barely spoke in the first place are no longer speaking.

The worst part is the fact that we are not challenging that all bigotry and racism is bad. But, we are reduced to picking and choosing which kind of racism and bigotry is more acceptable. Though LeeAnne defended the several times she referred to Kary as “strong Mexican”, “chirpy Mexican”, etc., to claim ignorance that these terms are not appropriate makes you either incredibly stupid or you know, you might actually be a racist.

Racism can be defined as, “the belief that groups of humans possess different behavioral traits corresponding to physical appearance and can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another”. So you can put a check mark by LeeAnne’s box. But if we’re playing fair, after Brandi’s video and her whole “squinty eyes” and voice thing, her box can be checked too.


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According to Kary, they are two different entities. Kary was rightly offended by LeeAnne’s words, they were beyond tasteless. Eventually the two reconciled and formed a basic friendship. After Brandi’s video was uncovered by LeeAnne, Kary and the rest of the cast largely supported her and gave it the ‘ol “mistake” treatment. Now LeeAnne and her amygdala are PISSED and Kary couldn’t kare less.

The Daily Mail has the details. Kary said after the Season 5 premiere aired, LeeAnne’s texting fingers got itchy. Apparently LeeAnne told Kary she was “disappointed” because Kary believes Brandi’s stupid comments weren’t as stupid as LeeAnne’s stupid comments. Okey dokey. The difference, as told by Kary, is “LeeAnne was doing it out of hate.” Kary explained, “I feel like I forgive and forget, she [LeeAnne] apologized. But it was actually when this last episode showed and I made the comparison, and she texted me she was disappointed.”


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Kary was shocked. “And I was like, ‘What?’ Maybe you say, ‘Kary, I’m sorry again’. But anyways, that’s LeeAnne, so…” Furthermore, Kary never sees herself hanging with LeeAnne again. Don’t worry though, Kary will be too busy attacking D’Andra Simmons for feeling ill or gagging at Tiffany Moon’s dim sum to even miss ‘ol LeeAnne. At the end of the day, LeeAnne claims to have learned her lesson “about what kind of language is acceptable in today’s society”.

Brandi was also remorseful. She sought treatment at a wellness facility in an effort to navigate through the fallout, and has accepted responsibility for her actions. My question is, how do these whole ass adults keep getting themselves into these situations? How is it not a universal thing that you don’t make fun of a person’s gender preference, race, religion, or cultural background? Hopefully no one will make the “mistake” of “accidental” racism again.


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