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D’Andra Simmons Says Kary Brittingham Is “Selfish” And “It’s Time For Some Self-Reflection Instead Of Deflection”

Kary Brittingham has really been pushing buttons this season on Real Housewives of Dallas. Newbie Tiffany Moon called out Kary for her bullying behavior when she pressured Tiffany do take tequila shots.

When Tiffany arranged a brunch for her RHOD co-stars it was clear that Kary had a big issue with former bestie D’Andra Simmons. D’Andra had been feeling ill, but had a negative Covid test, so she headed to the brunch. In contrast, most of the other Dallas ladies felt ill when Tiffany ordered them to eat a chicken foot. Kary and Kameron Westcott made fun of D’Andra and said she was a hypochondriac. Tiffany wasn’t happy about their comments.

D’Andra planned an outing for Brandi Redmond’s birthday, and Kary was a nightmare. She complained that her tequila shots were warm, and that there was no wine opener on the party bus. Oh, the horror!

Kary was relentless and complained about D’Andra’s hosting skills all day long. When Kary discussed her daughter’s mental health struggles, D’Andra was stunned because she knew nothing about it. When D’Andra asked why Kary never told her, Kary responded that D’Andra never asks about anyone else’s life. Well, that might be true.


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In the most recent episode of RHOD, Tiffany invited the ladies to a pizza party at her home. Kary complained because the party had a set end-time. Tiffany does have a real job as an anesthesiologist. Let the girl get some rest!

D’Andra says she had no idea how deep Kary’s feelings of animosity toward her were. D’Andra stated, “I didn’t understand that Kary had such deep-seeded opinions and feelings about our friendship until I started watching the season.” Same, girl.

Recently, D’Andra was interviewed on Housewives Nightcap, and discussed making up with Kary. “I would like to reconcile with Kary. I…you know, it depends on…this is the thing. I mean, I’ve tried very hard. And I’ve said things to her like ‘I don’t want to fight with you. And I want to be your friend.’ And then she continues to poke and prod,” D’Andra explained.


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It sounds like Kary has some work to do if she wants to be friends with D’Andra again. D’Andra remarked, “And I do hope to reconcile with her. However, if she is going to continue down this road of D’Andra is not a good friend. D’Andra [I had] to keep at arm’s length. D’Andra has this problem. D’Andra is selfish. D’Andra is…all these things that I’m not.”

She continued, “Which, basically she needs to turn the mirror around and look at herself because she’s really talking about herself, she’s not even talking about me. You know it’s time for some self-reflection, instead of deflection,” the entrepreneur said. “If she can come to Jesus and realize that it takes two to tango, then I’m willing to…to…. you know, start a friendship with her,” D’Andra added.

I have a feeling that D’Andra is going to have a long wait for that moment with Kary.


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