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Real Housewives Of Dallas Recap: Dueling Definitions Of Friendship

Leave it to the Real Housewives of Dallas to turn the birthday party into a brawl. Brandi Redmond is trying to have the birthday of a lifetime, but these women cannot stop fighting. Kary Brittingham & D’Andra Simmons have been at odds for weeks, and it’s finally boiling over. The underlying tension is spilling over at the vineyard, and it’s getting nasty.

There has to be more to this bickering than what’s been revealed so far. What is the root of this issue that’s threatening what was once a close friendship? They’re not taking the time to hear each other out to understand either. The more this festers, the worse it’s going to get. Kary & D’Andra are putting Brandi’s birthday in danger of being ruined because they cannot contain their animosity. Is this the end of their friendship?

Brandi Redmond Real Housewives Of Dallas

Kary & D’Andra are still at odds and in full bicker mode. Kary’s been insufferable since this season began. I’m not sure what bug she has up her ass about D’Andra, but it’s draining. She can’t let D’Andra even breathe without making a snide remark. Don’t you have some anal beads to string together and call it jewelry?

This party is supposed to be a celebration for Brandi, but it’s anything but. It would be nice if they can set their differences aside for a little while. Save the bickering for a different time. Why do the women always choose a positive upbeat moment to rip into one another?

Stephanie Hollman tells Brandi she’s arranged for all of the women to play the “Panty Game”. This sounds exactly like the type of game you’d expect at a party for Brandi. Interpret that however you choose. All of the ladies were tasked with decorating a pair of panties. Oh okay. Then, Brandi is supposed to decipher which woman decorated which pair. This is actually a real game being played at a gorgeous vineyard. Where is the class?

For the most part, Brandi does a fabulous job at determining the designer of each pair. If there’s one thing Brandi would surely excel at, it’s a game like this. I know that’s coming off judgmental and shady, but this is the type of thing Brandi celebrates. This is her life.


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Kary gives D’Andra a faux compliment about her hosting ability and asks if she owes anyone an apology. Tiffany Moon jumps at the chance to confront her for throwing her in the pool fully clothed. Not only was she tossed into the water fully dressed, but she doesn’t know how to swim. Kary’s drunken antics turn a reckless and nearly dangerous turn at the party.

There’s no reason to push someone like that. Kary wants her to let it go, but this is something serious. Tiffany telling the group she wants to let loose and have more fun is one thing. However, the way Kary tries to force her own brand of fun down everyone’s throat is another. Although, you could argue Tiffany exhibited the same type of behavior with the chicken foot.

Tiffany’s coming across like the only responsible woman of the group. She’s not going to get hammered every day of the week and live off her husband’s money. Instead of ragging on her about not drinking, let her live her life and respect her schedule.

Kameron Westcott Real Housewives Of Dallas

D’Andra is sick of Kary’s harassment to her and Tiffany, but Kameron Westcott’s not having that. Kameron thinks it’s two faced of Tiffany to have an issue like this when she did the same with the chicken foot. Not only that, she finds it contradictory that she is able to call someone COVID girl, but Kameron isn’t. The pink princess of Dallas is making some valid arguments here. There’s definitely a double standard that exists within the group.


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Kary tries to use being Mexican as an excuse to feign ignorance, but that’s quickly shutdown. Although it was a little jarring to hear Kary say Tiffany is the real COVID girl of the group. I know she was trying to say that because Tiffany has the most exposure to the virus, she’s the most at risk. I get that. However, we all know the type of racism Tiffany’s experienced during this pandemic because she’s Chinese. That must’ve hit hard. Too far Kary.

Once again the arguing comes down to D’Andra & Kary again over the party planning. D’Andra must be insecure about her abilities to throw a party because she keeps making it about that. She’s piggybacking on other issues people have with Kary to keep harping at that. Kary’s doing the same to D’Andra. These two need to sit down and have a serious conversation about the state of their friendship. This bickering is draining.

Brandi screams for everyone to stop. They’ve gone out of their way to make her birthday a miserable experience. She grew up feeling like her birthday party was a burden, so imagine her anxiety levels right now. This was finally a time for her to associate her birthday with a positive experience, but Kary & D’Andra can’t help themselves. F**k that. I’d be out of there so fast and spending the day with friends who care more about me than their ego.


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How is Brandi the voice of reason right now? I suppose her strategically timed therapy did her a lot of good after all. These women are supposed to be a close knit group of friends, but it’s so toxic at this table.

Kary compares her daughter’s suicidal ideation to Tiffany’s hectic life as a doctor. How can you even compare the two? It’s not a competition for who is having the worst life experience? Both are equally big and stressful. Kary was in the hot seat and she threw out the same kind of card that she crucified LeeAnne Locken for. She used her daughter’s pain and suicidal thoughts to get out of being grilled by the group.

While Tiffany and D’Andra are away in the restroom, Kary & Kameron take an opportunity to get rid of Captain Brandi. In their defense it was annoying as hell. D’Andra’s newfound attempt to be a comedian is failing. Let her budding comedy career die in the vineyard with the Captain.

Brandi Redmond Real Housewives Of Dallas

D’Andra arranges for the ladies to spend time at a bar she rented out for the party. I was all in for the idea until they started doing pickle juice shots. What the hell? WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT? That should be considered a crime against humanity. GROSS.


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Brandi gets up on a table and teaches all of the women how to dance like they’re at the club. Poor Tiffany is not built for this environment at all. Her past as a figure skater didn’t translate well into barroom dancing. I give her a solid 8.5 for effort and a 1.5 in execution.

I just give her props for being an active participant in this group. She’s managing to juggle her career as a doctor, her role as a mother, and being a Housewife. All at once. That’s no easy task. Many people would crumble under that sort of pressure and grueling schedule.

At the bar D’Andra confronts Kary about being shut out regarding what’s going on with her daughter. If they’re such great friends, she feels as though she should have been informed about it. Kary insists that D’Andra only talks about herself on the phone and doesn’t give Kary an opening to reveal anything. Most of the other women concur with Kary about D’Andra’s tendency to make conversations about herself.

D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

It’s coming off a little like jealousy from Kary as she talks to Brandi about her frustration. Even though D’Andra has money, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t work hard. Kary is doing her damnedest to make her life out to be worse and more of a struggle than anyone else. If you have a struggle, Kary’s says that she’s struggled tenfold. We ALL know someone like that. Energy vampire.


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Brandi pleads Kary’s case to D’Andra, but it’s falling on deaf ears. One problem is that both Kary & D’Andra have the same viewpoint of the other one. Both find the other to be self involved and all about their image. Could it be possible they’re both correct? There’s nothing that says one of them has to be in the wrong here. Neither of them are willing to LISTEN, and I mean actually listen, to the other. They want to air out their grievances and automatically be right. That’s not how a true friendship is supposed to work.

There’s so much criticism toward other Real Housewives shows for not having enough group scenes. These ladies have us overdosing on them. Every Real Housewives of Dallas episode has a slew of full group scenes to keep us satisfied.

Learning that Tiffany’s eaten many times over a dead body stirs up so much confusion inside of me. Do all doctors do this? Is this a common practice? Are there limits to foods she won’t eat in the company of a corpse? I need answers ASAP.

Drunk D’Andra tells all of the women about her letter drive by drop off to her brother. Hopefully she finds some peace with this because nothing can happen if he doesn’t want it to. The ball is in his court now, so whatever will be will be. She can’t force someone to reconcile if they’re not willing to.


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ONCE AGAIN THE TOPIC TURNS TO D’ANDRA & KARY AND THEIR FRACTURED FRIENDSHIP. D’Andra equating asking Kary’s daughter what flavor of cake she prefers to being a good friend is a stretch. That’s surface level at best. That speaks volumes about D’Andra and her shallowness. The shaman needs to do a lot more work because new D’Andra isn’t that much different than old D’Andra.

I hate to be on Kary’s side about anything ever because I find her to be quite the nuisance. However, it’s hard to choose Team D’Andra when she’s making comments like that. If you want to know the ins and outs of your friend’s personal life, you ask. Show up. Act invested. It’s really that simple. Talking about cake flavors and other material things isn’t getting to the core of who your friend is and what they’re going through.

Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

Kary’s oldest daughter is working with her on the jewelry business, and I can’t imagine how that’s going. Could you imagine having to live with Kary AND work with her? Nope. Hard pass. Would rather find out what LeeAnne can do with her hands. That sounds a lot more pleasant.


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It offended Kary that D’Andra made a dig about having the only viable business of the group. It really was kind of low. She didn’t build the business from scratch. Not even close. Also, what happened to women supporting women? There’s no reason to make low blow comments about other women’s livelihoods.

Kary tries to get her daughter to open about how her previous divorce affected her. That shuts her down right away. The hurt’s deep, and she doesn’t want to talk about it with anyone. Kary doesn’t want her daughter to hold any resentment toward her, but it’s clear her daughter doesn’t want to talk about it. She’s not trying to dive deep into the state of their relationship. Especially not with a camera in her face. She’s private and wants to keep her feelings the same.

Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

Again, I’ll say that Tiffany has the cutest family of all time. Her kids are adorable as hell, and I’m in awe at the way she juggles everything in her life. Her children are excelling in school above their grade level which is a testament to her ability as a mother. Being a tiger mom gets its share of negative feedback, but clearly it has upsides as well.

The pandemic’s left Tiffany exhausted. Even prior to that she was struggling trying to balance everything. How is she managing to fit in becoming a Housewife? That takes up an enormous amount of time. Once again, WOW. Balancing her schedule must be the single most exhausting thing ever.


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Tiffany doesn’t know if she wants to do her anesthesiology job as much. It’s an emotional decision to make because she worked her ass off to get to this point. She breaks down in tears talking to her husband about the internal struggle she’s facing. No matter what choice she makes, she thinks someone is left disappointed.

How heartbreaking is that? I know Tiffany was on the fence about returning, but this conversation makes me think she’s a lock for next season. Either way watching her cry about feeling like a part-time mother is one of the saddest things. It’s real. It’s raw emotion.

Tiffany’s upbringing has left her thinking she doesn’t have a choice in her future. Her guilt stems from the pressure put on her from her parents. She doesn’t have to remain a doctor for their American Dream for their children to be true. That’s so many iterations of what that looks like. Everyone’s path is different.


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