Shep Rose Admits To Stirring The Pot “For No Reason, Just To Add Drama” On Southern Charm

Shep Rose has been a mainstay on Southern Charm since the beginning. He’s a womanizer, a party animal, and a bit of a late bloomer.

And now Shep can add author to the list, as he just released his book Average Expectations: Lessons in Lowering the Bar, about his life, relationships, and his time on the show. I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy yet. However, I’m not exactly dying for life advice from a 40-year-old frat boy who has family money. But at least he knows what it takes to make good TV, unlike Landon Clements. 

Even though I haven’t read the book, Us Weekly released a few passages from it to give fans a sneak-peek. And in one section, the reality TV vet admits to stirring the pot on Southern Charm more than a few times, even though he said he’s “friends with every single cast member.”

“Sometimes, though, the pot must be stirred, and sometimes it’s a hell of a lot of fun to stir it,” Shep wrote. “For example, when we went to Hilton Head in Season 5 and Thomas [Ravenel] and Ashley [Jacobs] were acting crazy, I walked up to Naomie [Olindo] and Cameran [Eubanks]and blurted, ‘I f–king hate her!’ Or all the times I get bored at a party and pick a fight with Craig [Conover]for no reason, just to add some drama.”


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That reminds me of the hilarious Season 2 moment. Shep blew up on Craig because someone bid higher on him for a date night. Craig ended up with country star Kelsea Ballerini. And unfortunately, Cameran was stuck bidding on Shep so he wouldn’t be left in the dust. Truly an iconic bro fight.

Shep added that he has “no lingering animosity” toward any cast member. Now, this sounds like a load of B.S. He just recently called Ashley the only Southern Charmer who is a straight-up bad person. He hasn’t stopped talking about the rumors surrounding Madison LeCroy and Alex Rodriguez any chance he gets. And he admitted to feeling vindicated when Austen Kroll and Madison’s relationship crumbled. That sounds like someone with some hurt feelings.


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We also know that Shep isn’t shy about his brief fling with Kathryn Dennis in the book, which apparently made his girlfriend Taylor Ann Green a bit angry. And while Craig may say Shep’s a tamed man since getting into a serious relationship, he still admits he probably wouldn’t gamble on marriage. I’d put my money down that Shep will act like a 21-year-old boy for the rest of his life.


[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]