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LaToya Ali Claps Back At Falynn Guobadia For Accusing Her Of Faking Sick To Skip Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion

While the official cast members of the Real Housewives of Atlanta have been a boring AF this season, the friends-of are bringing it. And, for once, we’re not talking about Miss Marlo Hampton.

Latoya Ali and Falynn Guobadia got into a screaming match during the most recent episode, ending with Faylnn screaming and trying to get a golf club from the garage. Latoya was picking a fight with Falynn in her own home and slamming her husband’s age (who Latoya knows nothing about), so what did she expect? It was truly the most entertaining part of Falynn’s lame-ass Halloween party. For once, RHOA finally showed an event that’s COVID-19 compliant. 

The ladies got into it on Twitter during the episode, going back and forth as if the party happened yesterday. And now with the RHOA ladies filming the reunion this week, the feud has only escalated.

It all started when Latoya the YouTuber posted an Instagram photo with the caption “I’m sick,” implying that she wouldn’t be going to the reunion. Faylnn shaded her enemy on Twitter, saying “You can stop playing sick, girl. I won’t be there.” She was totally poking the bear with this one.

Latoya responded in the shadiest way possible, implying that Falynn’s husband “kicked her out” and she “can’t afford a flight.” Who knows if there’s any truth to that, but we know she can’t help but dig at Falynn’s older man.


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“Meet me at the Reunion,” she tweeted. “And bring the golf club,” she added. This girl didn’t come to play. Maybe they’ll make special appearances via Zoom at the reunion. At least that way, they can’t kill each other.

Latoya kept going in, making fun of Falynn for not being an official cast member, “She didn’t get her guest pass cleared for the show.” Apparently, she was feeling feisty because her “antibiotics (were) kickin in.”


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Falynn tweeted a weak response, saying that “it’s a miracle” Latoya is feeling better now. This gave Latoya the cue to keep going in.

“Who is scared of a stick figure that counts calories,” Latoya responded. “All I speak are facts,” she added.


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Thankfully, Latoya has been bringing the heat this season. Aside from her and Bolo, it’s been a snoozefest.  She and Drew Sidora have repeatedly fought, mostly because Latoya can’t help but shade her wigs. She brought Kenya Moore out of her shell, and seemingly broke her heart when she spread rumors about her divorce and made-out with Twirl’s sworn enemy, Porsha Williams. She’s got the attitude and the one-liners that make a great housewife, but we don’t know much about her personal life. Maybe that’s saved just for her Youtube channel.


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