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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Dead Mermaid Problems

The second half of this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta has been DELIVERING. The first half was painfully boring with nothing going on. Things have picked up in a big way since the infamous Charleston trip. LaToya Ali has been finding herself at odds with everyone. Is she capable of being loyal to any of the women? She sold out Kenya Moore’s personal business so quickly on last week’s episode. That’s a snake move.

Kenya & Porsha Williams may never see eye to eye, but even Porsha knows how shady LaToya was being. LaToya’s caught between both of these feuding women, and things aren’t looking good. She says whatever she thinks the other one wants to hear, and it’s backfiring. LaToya needs to pick a stance and hold her ground and stop being a flip flop. Nobody wants to question whether or not they can trust their friend.

Marlo Hampton Real Housewives Of Atlanta

How great is it to see Marlo Hampton & Kenya in such a good place after years of strife? They’ve finally left their issues in the past and are starting to rebuild their friendships. Some of the other women like Porsha might be skeptical of the timing, but who cares? Why would you want to see two people at each other’s throats when they can find peace?

Marlo’s opening a storeroom to rent out her designer clothing which she has plenty of. Kenya says this is more Marlo’s lane than the hair care. STOP IT NOW. Let’s not move backwards with shade like that. Kenya knows she was dead wrong for bringing that marching band to Marlo’s event.

Falynn Goubadia invites all of the women to her Halloween party which is sure to have drama. This will be the first time since the Bachelorette party that all of the women are together. It could’ve happened at the pumpkin patch, but Porsha got lost somewhere between OZ & Narnia.

Kenya starts talking about the behavior of the other girls at the party, but Marlo is trying not to be as messy. Marlo’s not stupid. She’s not going to risk her good standing in the group right now. Marlo does question though if Kenya’s being sincere about becoming her friend. The timing is extremely suspect, but for now she’s embracing it.


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Marlo asks what’s going on between Kenya & LaToya because of what happened at Shamea Morton’s house. LaToya had no businesses telling THAT group of women the details of Kenya’s divorce. Nobody that was there was really Kenya’s friends. If she said it to Cynthia Bailey or Kandi Burruss, that might be one thing. However, spilling that tea to Porsha & Drew Sidora was a snake move.

Kenya doesn’t understand what would compel LaToya to reveal information like that. This is now the second time LaToya has gone against her to the other women. They became friends so quickly that they might have not been able to gauge each other’s true character. LaToya cannot be trusted. As of right now that’s how it seems.

Drew Sidora Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Drew has to travel to New Orleans for work, so she’s inviting the entire group to join her. This is her chance at a do over for the Charleston trip. She’s determined to show the women a better time than the previous hostess. I don’t know if Drew’s going to top having a fake Chanel wearing super sized penis stripper make her booty clap. Wishing her the best of luck though!


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While she’s in New Orleans, Drew’s also planning on reconnecting with family members on her mother’s side. There’s such a complicated family history that includes adoption and members of different races. They don’t know the biological side of things, so they have to roll with it.

Drew wants to know the genetic roots of where she comes from. Her mother wants zero participation in this search for the ancestral truth. She believes if her father truly cared about her, he would’ve made an effort over the last 76 years. He’s probably deceased at this point, so there’s likely not much to uncover. She won’t get the answers it feels like she’s desperately seeking.

Kandi hasn’t been motivated at all to work out during the pandemic. Girl, I feel that in the deepest depths of my soul. However, she has to start doing it because she’ll be starring in a new movie role. It’s time to get her body back on track to where it used to be.

Cynthia Bailey Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Newlyweds Cynthia & Mike Hill are basking in the glow of marriage. They loved everything about their ceremony, but he calls out Cynthia for having vows that lasted over 8 minutes. She is long winded. How did nobody cut her off? I feel like it would be so awkward to sit through such a lengthy vow speech.


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Mike wants to keep his house in Los Angeles, but he’s looking to purchase one in Atlanta. He’s trying to ensure Cynthia snags that peach for at least one more season on Real Housewives of Atlanta. We were so close to being rid of her dud ass, but alas. We can’t all get what we want!

Lake Bailey is staying put, but Mike wants to get something for them together. Cynthia says she’s “open” to it. How nice of Cynthia to give him the consideration of being “open” to it. I just don’t see why she wouldn’t want to find a place with her new husband. She gets to keep her current house, so why the reluctant response? Weird.

Drew calls to formally invite Cynthia to her New Orleans girls trip. She continues to shade Kenya’s recent girl’s trip which might bite her in the ass if Kenya’s attending the NOLA vacation. You let Bolo feel up on you. Please stop acting like you didn’t have the time of your life when you were bent over.

Mike & Cynthia can’t go on a honeymoon yet, so she’s all set to have some fun in the Big Easy. Unlike Kenya, Drew’s extending the option of a private jet and not being shady about it. She wants to be the bigger person and invite Kenya. It’s the right thing to do, but her attitude about it might trigger some big drama. These two haven’t left on the best of terms during most of their encounters. Stop poking the bear!


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Drew Sidora Real Housewives Of Atlanta

The conversation cannot be avoided any longer. Drew’s son’s biological father is trying to reconnect with his son. Ralph Pittman is advocating for this to happen, but she doesn’t want to push anything on her son. Given the recent passing of his father, I’m not surprised Ralph would want to bring a father and son together.

Drew breaks down talking about this moment finally arriving. Ralph tries his best to comfort her, but that can only help so much. Her son doesn’t know this strange man that’s attempting to become a factor in his life. They met a year ago, but her son didn’t really understand what was going on.

There’s so much to take into consideration with this. Drew doesn’t know what her ex’s life state is at this point. Is he in any position to be spending time with an innocent child? Ralph doesn’t want them getting in between the formation of the father and son bond though. He’s with Drew every step of the way throughout this.

Ralph is such a fascinating and polarizing husband on this show. We’ve seen him be shady and treat Drew like total garbage. On the flip side, we’ve seen a compassionate and caring side of him that is such a family man. Make it make sense!


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Drew asks her son what it would take to get him to talk to his biological father. No matter what Drew asks, her son isn’t feeling this conversation at all. Jojo doesn’t want to get to know this man. He’s clearly content with Ralph as a father. Drew’s trying her, but her son really isn’t interested. As someone who didn’t meet their biological father until I was 23, I totally understand Jojo’s apprehension here. It’s a TERRIFYING thought to set yourself up to possibly get hurt like that.

After a tearful plea from Ralph, JoJo agrees to MAYBE in the future agree to speak to his bio dad. She isn’t going to force the issue, so it appears to be tabled for now. That’s probably for the best. Forcing the issue is only going to lead to resentment and lashing out later down the road.

Cynthia Bailey Falynn Goubadia Kandi Burruss Shamea Morton Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Falynn’s Halloween party gets underway, and these ladies are SLAYING ME with their costumes. Every single one knocked it out of the park. The costumes are great and all, but the party is seriously underwhelming. There’s hardly any food, no music, and no activities. This might be the most boring and pedestrian Halloween party of all time.

Drew recognizes the problematic nature of Kenya’s Native American inspired outfit. I was wondering if anyone was going to comment on it. I cringed the second I saw Kenya get out of the car. It’s bizarre that anyone at this point in time finds that to be something acceptable to do. Sigh.


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LaToya shows up and instantly makes a dig at Falynn about her man’s age. That’s such a no go. Who shows up invited into someone’s home and starts attacking them over s**t like that? LaToya is wayyyyyyy too thirsty. Did she show up drunk?

After Shamea’s Paris themed party, LaToya got so drunk that Drew had to give her a ride home. She’s somehow turning Drew doing something nice for her into some drama against her. LaToya isn’t going to last long in this group because of her lack of loyalty. She turns on everyone at the drop of a hat, and it’s become impossible to trust her.

Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

LaToya confronts Kenya for not returning her calls or text messages. She doesn’t understand why there’s a lack of communication. Kenya makes it clear that she has a problem with LaToya taking personal details about her issues with Marc Daly to women who dislike her. LaToya pretends that it’s under the guise of defending her, but that’s a load of monkey garbage.

LaToya feels like she’s in a weird position because of her new friendship with Porsha. She says her loyalty is mostly with Kenya, but that’s not how it’s coming across. Right now, LaToya is alienating EVERYONE.


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Porsha finally arrives at the party, and her costume is the most underwhelming of all. If you could imagine the most basic bitch costume that ever existed in the history of the holiday, it would be that. With two stunning cat costumes already at the party, Porsha’s Party City ensemble does nothing for me.

Kenya doesn’t trust LaToya anymore because of how she ran with her private business to the others. However, LaToya fires back by throwing Kandi under the bus saying she brought up the alimony request from Marc first. Those are two entirely different scenarios. Kandi was talking to one of Kenya’s friends about her troubles. LaToya was spreading it to people who have nothing but negative feelings toward her. There’s a massive difference.

Kenya is done listening to LaToya’s bs, and she walks away. Once they enter the fray with the rest of the women,  LaToya greets Porsha and says she’s leaving. She finds the party to be too boring, so she’s out. As annoying as LaToya has been at this party, it really is so uneventful. There’s nothing to do at all. Where’s the candy?

Porsha Williams Real Housewives Of Atlanta

LaToya asks Porsha to explain the root of her issue with Kenya. Porsha however doesn’t understand why Toya spilled Kenya’s business so randomly to everyone. Nothing LaToya is saying is making any coherent sense whatsoever. She’s attempting to teerter the line between Kenya & Porsha and failing miserably at both.


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Outside, Falynn asks LaToya why she’s skipping out of the party early, and she says it’s because the energy was off. Now, the party is BORING AS HELL. I’ll give LaToya that. Despite that, LaToya made things uncomfortable the moment she arrived when she disrespected Falynn’s husband’s age.

Falynn is SCREAMING now. She wants to f**king END LaToya. That’s what happens when you write a check with your mouth that your ass can’t cash. Falynn gets a hold of a golf club to bash LaToya, and we’ve reached a major level of concern. They’re able to get the women away from each other, and everyone leaves. WHAT AN ENDING.


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