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Andy Cohen Is “Proud” Watching Brandi Redmond On This Season Of Real Housewives Of Dallas Following Racism Scandal

There’s that saying, “Don’t yuck my yum.” In this case, some people’s yum is a racist. Just calling it like I see it. Brandi Redmond was aired out a little over a year ago for her brazenly offensive video mocking an Asian accent. She checked herself into a wellness center. Then, against better judgement, Brandi returned to this season of Real Housewives of Dallas. It hasn’t gone exceptionally well.

This season, Brandi has continuously burdened the newest Dallas Housewife Tiffany Moon, who happens to be Chinese. Not with giant dildos, like we’re used to, but with her personal struggle of being constantly ignorant. I’m still baffled that Brandi openly told Tiff she was struggling to be her friend because she’s afraid to say the wrong thing in front of an Asian? Which part of that is anyone else’s burden to bear? Can she not hear the words that come out of her own thin lipped mouth?

In a recent interview with VarietyAndy Cohen shared his thoughts on what makes a reality character worthy of airtime. When asked about the line between good TV antics and reprehensible/fireable behavior (à la Vanderpump Rules) he said, “I think that we’re all figuring it out at the same time. And I think that people love watching outspoken, funny, shocking people on television. That’s been the backbone of Bravo, the people who are in it. Sometimes you love ’em and sometimes you love to hate ’em.”

Sure, there’s that fun to hate energy we get from the tropes like Lisa Rinna, who are just obnoxious as hell. Then there are the people who literally BRING hate. Who out there “loves to hate” the people spewing racist rhetoric on the side so much they want them to maintain a weekly spot on their screen and a paycheck on top? If that sounds like you, I think Brandi has a wellness center recommendation you may want to consider.


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Andy continued saying, “I think just as the line is always kind of moving in the world, we’re all testing the line and pushing the line. I will say I’m especially proud that we were able on the [Real] Housewives of Dallas to watch Brandi figuring out what she did, and talking it out with the first Asian Housewife.”

Regarding the ongoing need for Brandi to explain herself to an otherwise unbothered Tiffany, Andy said, “I thought that was really effective. And more effective than saying, “Well, you’re gone.” So I thought that was really interesting.” Interesting for who? Tiffany left the group in actual tears following Brandi’s dumbass comments. And Brandi is probably/thankfully leaving the show anyways. Does Andy even watch his own TV?

When asked about the former rumor that Brandi may not return for the current season, Andy shared, “I just think it was valuable for her to have the conversation in front of viewers. And I’m glad that that’s how that played out.”


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