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Melissa Gorga Says Jackie Goldschneider Mentioning Gia Giudice Was “The Worst Analogy Ever”; Says Gia “Takes The Place Of The Adult” In Relationship With Teresa Giudice

Pretty much every. Real Housewives of New Jersey fan is exhausted on Thursday mornings. Unless you don’t have social media. Then, good for you. Twitter and Instagram are very heated in the midst of this Teresa Giudice vs. Jackie Goldschneider feud. The Tre Huggers and the anti-Teresa viewers Jackie fans are really going in defending the cast members.

Both Teresa and Jackie were wrong to bring other people into their issues, with Teresa claiming that Evan Goldschneider has been cheating on Jackie (with zero evidence) and Jackie making an analogy about Gia Giudice doing drugs. This messy situation has caused a lot of back and forth within the fandom. And, of course the New Jersey Housewives have been asked about it in pretty much every interview this season. Last night, Gia’s aunt Melissa Gorga addressed the situation on Watch What Happens Live.

Andy Cohen said to Melissa, “What was your reaction tonight to Gia saying that Teresa should apologize to Jackie? I thought that was very interesting.” Same here, Andy. Gia said all the right things during that phone call. Did Teresa listen? Not yet, but maybe she will.

“I did [too],” Melissa responded. She said, “I actually feel like sometimes Gia takes the place of the adult a lot of the time and Teresa always goes to her for advice. And it was actually great advice. It was great advice. She seemed unbothered by it.”


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Andy continued, “What was your reaction, Melissa, to Jackie’s analogy? Because obviously….analogies in themselves aren’t the greatest on Jersey, but also you know, bringing Gia up… Talk to me.” Lol at the blatant shade in Andy’s questioning there.

Melissa began, “Listen. I have to be honest, it was the worst analogy possible. Let’s be real.” Finally.

Melissa went on to explain, “You never want to hear, even if Gia is 20 years old, you do not want to hear her name tied in with drugs at all. I would freak out, to be honest with you. I would see red if someone said that about [daughter] Antonia [Gorga].”


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However, Melissa is close with Jackie, so it’s not surprising that she added, “But, on the other side, I understand Jackie was so stressed out and trying to make a point, but it just was like throwing gasoline on fire. It just did not resonate, which we all know Teresa’s a little… She’s crazy if you bring up her children or if you bring up her parents or something. We all know this.”

She concluded, “So, the second I heard about this I was worried for a rude awakening. This was going to be quite a season, I knew.” The last episode aired twelve hours ago and I’m already counting down until next week. I’m ready.


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