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Teresa Giudice Claims A Cast Member Told Her Rumor About Evan Goldschneider Cheating On Jackie Goldschneider

Despite being a long time fan of the show, Jackie Goldschneider does not seem to know who she is up against on this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey. It’s just not a good idea to come for Teresa Guidice. Was Tre wrong for spreading a cheating rumor about Evan Goldschneider all over his filmed birthday party? Sure. Is Teresa going to acknowledge that? No. Is Teresa going to let you mention her child’s name in any context that isn’t idyllic? No. Is Teresa ever going to move on a perceived wrong-doing? No.

*Most* fans know these things about Teresa. It seems Jackie does not. She’s busy throwing thirsty birthday parties and calling Teresa story-line hungry. Meanwhile, Tre is “gifting” Jackie giant vibrators and calling out Margaret Josephs’ husband for hearing the same gossip about Evan. These women are opposite sides of the same dragged out coin.

Teresa appeared on a recent episode of Watch What Happens LiveAndy Cohen read off a fan question/comment calling Teresa out for previously asking Kim DePaola for receipts when it came to gossip about her since-deported husband, Joe Giudice. In those days, Teresa refused to believe a rumor if she didn’t know the source. Andy indicated that many fans had written in about the double standard now that Teresa won’t reveal where she heard the rumor about Jackie’s husband. When given a chance to speak, Teresa explained, “Because I kind of heard it from people in the group, and I didn’t want to, like, you know, out them.”

Is your head spinning yet? For weeks, fans have speculated if the rumors came from Instagram messages, producers, or was just totally made up! We’re getting closer to the source! Andy clarified with Teresa asking, “You had heard it from people in your friend group?” She replied, “No…From our group, that’s on the show.” What does that mean? Is she saying the women on the show aren’t her true friend group? Or is she possibly implying it came from someone else who’s around during filming. Like a producer, maybe?


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Because the rumor has now come from an inside source Teresa defended herself saying, “So I figured little by little it’s gonna all come out.” She added, “I’m not a backstabber, I’m not shady like that. I’m not gonna say where I heard it from because it’s in our group.”

Andy called Tre out again for previously asking Kim D for receipts when she brought up shit about Joe. Teresa didn’t miss a beat. She said, “Correct. I mean, if Jackie wants me to do that, I could probably do it. I don’t know if she really wants me to go there. Just saying.” W O W.


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Andy ended the segment with a teaser, “Okay well we will save that for the reunion.”  YAS! Meanwhile, let’s be detectives for a second. We saw Teresa share the rumor at the birthday party with a few people. She never directly mentioned anything to The Marge, however. Meanwhile, Margaret seemed especially scandalized that everything was being said out in the open that night. Is she just a loyal friend of Jackie’s? Or did she hear the same rumor her husband, Joe Benigno, has admitted to knowing? Could she have been the person who told Tre?


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