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Jackie Goldschneider Disses Teresa Giudice And “Tre Huggers” On Instagram

The feud between Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider on this season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey has gone on far too long. Tre started it all when she spread a rumor that Evan Goldschneider cheats on his wife at the gym. Jackie, for some reason, tried using LOGIC on Teresa and made the worst analogy ever that involved a rumor that Gia Giudice snorts cocaine at parties. As expected, Teresa exploded because family is #thickasthieves around here.

Since the first episode, this fight has been brought up time and time again this season. Jackie skipped the first cast trip because of the feud and hosted a second birthday party for Evan since Teresa “ruined” the first one with the rumors. And even though they haven’t filmed together since the blowup, the two have spent the majority of their screentime bashing one another.  And, of course, the fight has made its way to social media.

On Tuesday, Jackie posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing a tracksuit (sadly, not from Brooks Marks‘ line) and posing in front of a tree. We all know that Teresa’s nickname is Tre and her die-hard fans are called Tre Huggers, so Jackie captioned the photo with a lame poem that’s apparently supposed to be a dig.

“Some trees are all bark, Some trees are shady. There are no trees That scare this lady,” Jackie’s caption read. Like, give me a break already. Teresa is probably the last person to be hurt by, and probably understand, a diss via poem. We need less of this petty drama and more content of drunk Jennifer Aydin. 


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So far, only Margaret Josephs and Frank Catania from RHONJ have “liked” the post. Oh, and Michelle Pais, Tre’s shady (former) realtor, but she’s not full-time anyway. We know Marge is staying dead in the middle of this fight and trying her best to diffuse the situation.

And honestly, Frank just probably thought Jackie looked good in the photo. He probably didn’t put any thought into the caption, if he even read it. We know he and Dolores Catania are #TeamTre for life no matter what. And on Team Tre, Jackie will always be just a fan. 


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