Kameron Westcott Addresses Video Of Brandi Redmond’s Husband Bryan Redmond Allegedly Kissing A Woman In The Club

To say Real Housewives of Dallas star Brandi Redmond has had a tumultuous couple of years is putting it mildly. After publicly berating former cast member LeeAnne Locken for making fun of Kary Brittingham’s heritage, Brandi found herself at the center of her own tone deaf drama. In an odd coincidence, after Brandi made a video mocking Asians, RHOD’s first Asian cast member came on board for Season 5. Now Brandi often struggles making basic conversation when newbie Tiffany Moon is in the room.

Brandi’s family also suffered a devastating loss. Bryan Redmond’s mom lost her life in a car accident that included Brandi’s daughter in the vehicle. Thankfully, Brinkley Redmond wasn’t injured. After Brandi announced a surprise pregnancy, it seemed the black clouds were beginning to part. Unfortunately, a nasty little rumor never that seemed to go away suddenly gained more fuel. In the past, people have side-eyed Bryan’s fidelity. Earlier this month, a video leaked that seemingly looked like Bryan getting busy at da club with a woman, who was definitely not Brandi. Now Kameron Westcott shares her thoughts on… The Bryan Tapes.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you got a duck. But I’m probably five minutes away from bifocals, so what do I know. Viewers apparently clocked ‘ol Bryan getting jiggy with it at a club with an unidentified female. In Bryan’s defense it could have been his secret evil twin brother, Baron, but no evil mustache was visible. Recently, Brandi’s buddy and fellow “gurl” Kam checked out the escalando clip and put in her two cents.

According to Page Six, Kameron was on the Hollywood Raw podcast and claimed she was “shocked” at the video. Really, gurl? Bryan has yet to address the footage, so apparently Kameron is taking the lead. “Well, I definitely think the movie or the video was from a long time ago, which obviously there’s absolutely no excuse for it whatsoever, but he has some explaining to do, like a lot of explaining to do.” I’ll say.


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Kam said Brandi is “extremely upset” about the footage. The timing of it going viral was basically when Brandi gave birth to her third daughter. Ouch. “She just had a baby, but yeah, there’s a lot of explaining to do, and I feel for her. I really do.” Kam added, “I never imagined he would do that to her ever in a million years, so it was a big shock I think for everyone.” I’m not sure it was a big shock to everyone… Brandi’s family wouldn’t comment at the time of the video’s release and simply asked for privacy. Bravo also declined to comment.

Kameron hopes Brandi will address the video at the upcoming RHOD reunion, IF Brandi decides to attend. I suppose that’s a pretty big IF. There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not Brandi will return. Fan support seemed to dwindle in the wake of her inconsiderate video. Add on the birth of a child, and now a possible cheating ass husband that was filmed. We could very well get the “I’m taking time off for my family” speech and an extra open spot on RHOD for Season 6. LeeAnne is waiting by the phone.


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