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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Who Took A Ride On The Bolo Stick?

FINALLY The Real Housewives of Atlanta is looking more like the show we’ve always loved. In one episode, a dry and drab season picked up and piqued everyone’s curiosity. The controversy surrounding Bolo the stripper and whom he did or did not have sex with is great television. Kenya Moore is on a mission to figure out who was engaging in freak hoe behavior with this man. She’s determined to uncover the truth by any means necessary.

It feels obvious that Porsha Williams was one of the women. Good for her! She’s currently single and out living her best life. There’s no shame in her game, and there shouldn’t be. However, one of these married/engaged women is out here lying through their teeth. Was it Drew Sidora? Did she exact revenge for her husband Ralph Pittman’s vague Tampa trip? Perhaps it was Tanya Sam. Nobody is THAT perfect. We see through the façade.

Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Porsha isn’t even remotely here for any sort of praying before dinner. The sight of Kenya & Marlo Hampton together stripped her of any appetite she might have had. It’s smart of Kenya to secure a new ally though after the latest drama. She knows how to play this game. Sorry Porsha.

Cynthia Bailey says she learned at the party that she enjoys watching people have sex. At least something was accomplished because of the dungeon. It’s a little weird though thinking about Cynthia pleasuring herself after watching her friends hooking up. Where is the chill?

Cynthia learned so much about that big sausage of Bolo’s too. Some of the women still think he has a fake penis, but Porsha swears it’s real. OF course, Kenya has to get in a confessional jab about Porsha knowing that. Porsha please admit you played with that big ass thang so we can move on. There’s no shame in getting yourself some super sized P honey.

LaToya Ali asks Drew what kind of married women would be all over Bolo like that. Shots fired. She always takes a moment to jab at Drew. From the moment these women met this is how it turns out. They give off Season 5 Kenya v Porsha vibes. FOR SURE.


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Drew doesn’t want to be judged by someone who had her tongue all over the place. LaToya fires back by asking if Drew was the one with Bolo at 6AM. HERE WE GO. It was either Drew or Tanya, so I’m carefully watching everyone’s facial expressions hoping for some insight. I need them to bring in a body language expert, so we can uncover what happened with the stripper.

Porsha’s visibly annoyed by all of the questions at the table. However, Drew is protesting a little bit too much. The more she goes on and on at the dinner, the more I definitely think she cheated on her husband. I bet this was highly uncomfortable for them to have to watch back together.

LaToya is confusing as hell though. One minutes she’s dragging Drew for possibly sleeping with Bolo. The next moment she’s jumping down Kenya’s throat for investigating what went down. I need her to pick a lane because this is a weird issue to play the fence on. You can’t come at Drew and want to know if she slept with Bolo but then attack Kenya for doing the same.

They should be grateful that Kenya’s out there with her detective hat on. This is the only interesting thing that’s gone down all season. If it wasn’t for Kenya being messy on this girls trip, the season would still be boring as hell. We owe her an eternal debt of gratitude for saving the driest season of all time.


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Marlo says while she was in her room she could hear a sex party next door. What happened to “snitches get stitches”? Last week she was all about that mentality. Now, she’s playing an entirely different role. Is she switching her stance on this now that she’s finally made up with Kenya?

Porsha Williams Tanya Sam Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Porsha’s being quieter than I thought she’d be at dinner. She’d fed up with Kenya, so I figured she’d be ready to throw hands by now. It’s Tanya that makes the charge against Tanya instead. Tanya says that Kenya hasn’t gotten any in a long time, so that’s why she’s on this crusade. Girl, you aren’t built for this type of show. Stop saying things like this because then Kenya has to hurt your feelings. Why do they have to force Kenya to be rude? Shame shame.


Porsha says if it’s not directed at her, then it’s not a conversation. Kenya is saying a lot in her interviews, but she’s not openly directing any of this at Porsha. If she feels like she solved the case, she should come right out and say it. There’s nothing more annoying than vague ass s**t like that. Own it baby.


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It’s kind of messed up that Kenya cares this much about it, but welcome to reality TV. Kenya says if there was something happening with the stripper in the house, it’s disgusting. Porsha’s ready to go home and be done with all of this.

There’s some growing tension between Kenya & LaToya over this. LaToya comes off genuinely annoyed that Kenya is turning this into a big thing. This is getting juicy!

In Kenya’s defense, if she was the one being caught with a stripper, they’d tear her up for it. Most of the women don’t like her. Period. They would rip her to shreds if she was the one taking a ride on the Bolo train.

Cynthia Bailey Real Housewives Of Atlanta

While Drew was out of town for the girls trip, Ralph was busy moving them to a new home. That must’ve been so stressful, but he’s a crap husband so it serves him right. He has been putting in the bare minimum as a husband since the first time we met him. It’s well past time that he stands up.


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Drew plans on telling Ralph everything that happened at the bachelorette party. That’s nice of her to do that as a wife. I’m not certain if he deserves it or not. The lines of communication weren’t open when he dipped out and took off for Tampa. Why should she have to be any different?

Mike Hill doesn’t know what to say when Cynthia describes seeing Bolo’s penis. Ralph isn’t really sure how to process the information either. He doesn’t seem as upset as I’d expect him to be though. For the most part Mike & Ralph are taking this news very well.

I don’t want to say Tanya is an “idiot” because that’s rude. I’m working really hard these days not to be a rude dude. HOWEVER, Kandi Burruss and I are both curious why she’d ever admit she spent the night with Porsha. It’s glaringly obvious Porsha was with the stripper. THEREFORE, it’s logical to assume that Tanya was also with him. No wonder she up and quit the damn show.

Kandi says she pleads the fifth when asked if it was Porsha & Tanya, but she also says Kenya wasn’t lying. Don Juan reveals he got a call from the car service people that Bolo didn’t leave until 7:30 that morning. There was definitely no way this was going to stay a secret. Zero chance of that happening.


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Drew & Ralph are back on the Tampa issue because she doesn’t like his vague details. He feels like the issues she wants to focus on are stupid. That’ll win you over with your wife for sure. For some reason Drew doesn’t think he was unfaithful, but it’s unsettling. This man cheated on you. Please accept that. Don’t make yourself come across that naïve.

Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kenya is at a magazine photoshoot, and LaToya stops by. Things got a bit dicey for these two on the trip, so let’s see if they can work things out. They entered the vacation as the strongest pair, but they left with their face bond on the rocks.

Kenya’s disappointed in how the final dinner went with Latoya. There was definitely some tension between the two because of Kenya’s incessant need to uncover who slept with the stripper. This could break their friendship.

LaToya felt like Kenya was skating onto dangerous territory by putting everyone on blast. Kenya’s issue comes from the night before because LaToya didn’t defend her against Porsha. When Porsha said Kenya feeds her a sob story, she didn’t stand up to her.


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Kenya admits she has a crush on LaToya. DUHIt came across to Kenya like maybe LaToya is only around for whomever is going to show her attention. Oh absolutely. That’s spot on with how LaToya seems so far this season. She barged into this season like the thirstiest “friend of” ever.

LaToya gets where Kenya’s coming from, but she was having fun regardless. She bonded with Porsha. Her issues aren’t Kenya’s issues. LaToya ends up apologizing to Kenya, but Kenya shouldn’t trust her completely.

Kenya says LaToya had a threesome with Porsha & Tanya. Full on threesome with EVERYTHING happening. LaToya denies ever entering the room with them, and I actually believe her. At this point, it’s evident it was Tanya & Porsha in the open bedroom with the Bolo stick.

Drew Sidora Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Drew moved closer to Porsha, so they can finally hangout one and one and form a better friendship. Neither can stand Kenya, so I bet we all know what the topic of conversation will be.


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Both of the women hated the way Kenya held court against everyone after the party. Parties like that are supposed to be fun and freeing, but Kenya definitely took that away from them. Sadly, they’ll probably all wonder in their minds if she will always do that to them.

Porsha thinks Kenya is a punk ass bitch for the way she acted. The way Porsha won’t even acknowledge all of the drama Kenya’s sending her way is a different approach. We’ve seen Porsha fly off the handle for years now, so this is a more evolved way of handling things. Some people might say it’s a boring way (it’s me, I am some people), but it’s clearly grinding Kenya’s gears.

Porsha asks Drew if she feels that deep down Ralph cheated on her when he went to Tampa. Girl, anyone with a heartbeat knows that man cheated on that woman. One day she will realize it too.

Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kenya meets with her attorney to discuss the ongoing issues with Marc Daly. She explains to him that recently she’s been talking to Marc about the custody settlement. It’s weird that they aren’t just going right toward divorce. After she spoke to Marc, he started sending her love songs. Why is he playing her like that? He doesn’t want her. He’s gross.


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The attorney is surprised to hear all of this because he received a divorce petition from Marc. Not only that, but Marc wants to receive alimony from Kenya. This man sure has a lot of balls. Who does he think he is? The way he treated Kenya is unacceptable, and he’s the biggest slimeball ever. Take about the ultimate opportunist.

Kenya can’t imagine how Marc thinks he will get support from her. He told the entire world last season that he didn’t want anything from her. I would assume that footage can and WILL be used against him in a court of law. This is simply a retaliatory measure because she served him first with the custody stuff.

In the divorce petition, Marc doesn’t even make an attempt to get custody of their daughter. Does he even care about that child? All he wants in this is the money.


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