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Kenya Moore Denies Breaking Girl Code By Discussing Tanya Sam And Porsha Williams Allegedly Hooking Up With Stripper; Says “We Already Know The People Who Are Involved”

I am still trying to recover from Cynthia Bailey’s racy bachelorette party on Real Housewives of Atlanta. In South Carolina, the ladies bonded over the fact that Kenya Moore was a terrible hostess.

She ordered crab cakes for herself while her RHOA co-stars starved waiting for a pig to roast. Kenya claimed that she prepared a meal for her fellow peaches, but that footage wasn’t aired. Sure, Kenya.

Thank you, Kandi Burruss, for the dungeon-themed party. Once Bolo the stripper arrived, the ladies really cut loose.  Bolo returned to party with the ladies once the production cameras left, and the house’s cameras were turned off. Well, most of them. We did see Porsha Williams making out with newbie LaToya Ali, and viewers could hear some audio. Early the next morning Kenya reported hearing sex noises coming from a bedroom and hearing two female voices.

Kenya grilled all her guests to find out who had special private time with Bolo. Kenya claimed to recognize Porsha’s voice. Nearly everyone had an alibi except for Porsha, Drew Sidora, and Tanya Sam. Incredibly, at the final dinner in South Carolina, Tanya told everyone that she spent the rest of the night in question hanging out with Porsha in her room. Tanya is engaged to Paul Judge, so this  whole situation was perplexing.


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When the “stripper gate” story first broke, Tanya posted the same denial on Instagram and Twitter to refute the rumors. “I will address this topic now and will not entertain this absurdity any further. The rumor circulating about me is NOT TRUE,” she wrote. Right after the trip, Tanya stopped filming. During the most recent episode of RHOA, the Atlanta peaches discussed how Tanya had gone to Canada. That doesn’t make Tanya look guilty at all.

Most of the ladies were displeased with Kenya trying to shame them for their behavior at Cynthia’s bachelorette. But Kenya told theJasmineBRAND that she never broke girl code. Kenya stated, “That implies that I’m somehow snitching on my friend. We already know the people who are involved, and Porsha [Williams] clearly said I’m not her friend,” Kenya remarked. “So there’s no girl code if I’m not your girl.” Oh, that’s shady, Kenya.


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Kenya continued, “Some of those girls, and what they were doing, I would not want to be married to them because it was a real freak show and some had rings on… Even if the cameras were off, you should know not to engage in that kind of behavior if you’re married, or if you’re engaged…You’re getting banged out by a stripper, I think that’s pretty inappropriate,” she said.

And Kenya doesn’t feel bad for Tanya at all. “She exposed herself…she put herself in that room. I never said her name, so that’s one,” Kenya explained. “Two, she’s grown…she has to live with her decisions. She made a point that I wasn’t her friend or you know the same as Porsha, so no I don’t.” Why did Tanya put herself in Porsha’s room? I am still confused.


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“And number three, I would not want any relationship to suffer from what other people do. To be quite honest, I don’t know what Tanya did in that room,” Kenya added. “I can’t say she engaged with the stripper. I know she was in the room because she told us she was in the room…”


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