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Drew Sidora Wonders If Kenya Moore Was Upset Because She Didn’t Get To Have Sex With Bolo; Says “I Don’t Even Know Who The Real Kenya Is”

Drew Sidora has had a tough time getting along with Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars Kenya Moore and LaToya Ali. First, LaToya and Kenya came for Drew’s wig.

It is no secret that Drew and her husband, Ralph Pittman, are dealing with marital woes. I’m sure that RHOA viewers will recall how Ralph disappeared for three days to go to Tampa.

LaToya has been needling Drew about her husband.  “Your husband don’t care about you,” LaToya tweeted. Oof. During Cynthia Bailey’s infamous bachelorette party, the ladies were ready to  party. When Bolo the stripper arrived, it was mayhem. When production left, the ladies covered most of the security cameras, and continued to hang out with Bolo.

The next morning, Kenya started her investigation as to who allegedly had sex with Bolo. She heard sexual sounds and two female voices coming from an empty bedroom.  LaToya called out Drew for her interaction with Bolo. She even asked if Drew was in the bedroom with him. Drew denied it and made a comment about LaToya’s tongue being everywhere. Wow. Still, LaToya continued to question Drew’s actions with the stripper. “But that night, I felt like, well, do you care about your husband?” LaToya commented.  Did Drew use Bolo to get back at Ralph for his Tampa trip?


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In an interview with theJasmineBRAND, Drew spilled the tea about Cynthia’s bachelorette party. “Everything else was like sexy, we’re having fun. And the next day when Kenya [Moore] was saying that I was shocked… I must have missed something,” Drew stated.

Drew added, “I personally didn’t see anything of the sort between Bolo and an alleged two women having sex…I saw a bachelorette party.”

Drew added, “I saw one person that had her tongue hanging out and she was licking… It was all PG,” Drew said. “Nobody was really trying all of that… She ended up in my toilet throwing up…Ain’t nobody want that tongue nowhere…I think she tried to say I kissed her,” Drew explained.


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“I didn’t kiss that. You was throwing up in my toilet. You’re absolutely disgusting,” the actress remarked. “It was just one person who I saw who could’ve taken it there. I don’t know if she did or not.” Of course, Drew is referencing LaToya.

Drew also had a theory as to why Kenya was obsessed about who was with Bolo. “Maybe [Kenya] didn’t get enough lap dances with Bolo cause she had to tend to her responsibilities with her daughter. I felt like maybe she wanted to have sex with Bolo,” Drew shared. We all saw you writhing on the floor in your red lingerie, Kenya.


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“It seems like it came out of left field. I was so disappointed because it was one of the few times we all got along and had fun,” Drew stated. “Then she turned it into something negative.”

Drew wasn’t impressed when she met Kenya for the first time, even though she had looked up to her since she was a child.  She told theJasmineBRAND, “I’m still trying to get to know Kenya. I don’t even know who the real Kenya is… I feel like Kenya is a beautiful person…It was disappointing for me that she wouldn’t even give me a chance,” Drew said.

“I feel at times she’s not being real. I don’t know what it is, I haven’t been able to connect with her,” she added.


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