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Real Housewives Of Dallas Recap: Jungle Barbie And The Scorpion King

Kary Brittingham was SO out of line on last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Dallas. Her antics (that she probably finds hilarious) are juvenile, disrespectful, and border on bullying. Enough is enough. Whether or not she agreed with the Bigfoot hunter and his lifestyle doesn’t give her the right to degrade him. He was a guest of Stephanie Hollman’s. What made her think it was okay to humiliate him in front of cameras?

Telling the man that he probably was packing a small sausage was too much. Kary apologized to Stephanie for what she did, but will she be able to do the same to Charles himself? That’s what needs to be done. To rectify her wrongdoings, she needs to look this man in the eyes and give a sincere apology. Is she even capable of doing that? Will she use this instance as a teachable moment for herself, or will she continue to be a brazen bully?

Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

Kary continues to apologize to Stephanie for hurting her feelings, but that’s not the core issue here. It’s not acceptable for her to speak to people in the manner that she does. End of story.

Stephanie accepts the apology because she doesn’t have a backbone in her body. Just kidding. That’s probably not the real reason, but doesn’t it feel that way sometimes? She never speaks up, but when she does, she’s just letting people walk on her. Such a shame.

One of the reasons she forgives Kary so quickly is so they can have a fun night of relay races. It’s difficult to equate Stephanie with this redneck lifestyle, but I’ll suspend disbelief for one day.

They’re having a pig roast which might make things uncomfortable with Kary later in the night. We’ll see. As far as the redneck relay, Tiffany Moon asks if using that term is culturally appropriate. Stephanie says it’s okay, which I’m thankful for since I just used it like three times.

Tiffany always thought it was a derogatory term for people who aren’t as smart or wealthy. I mean…. kind of, but I didn’t know it was taboo to say. This is the first I’m hearing of that. However, the way this group offends people, maybe they should shy away from using it. Just to be on the safe side.

The games are certainly something. I don’t know what that something is, but I don’t even want to partake. Kameron Westcott is alarmed at the sight of the pig being roasted for their dietary consumption. Yum yum in your tum tum Jungle Barbie.

Kary’s taking these games so seriously and is going as far as to apply some “war paint”. This is some serious s**t. Honestly though, the losers are forced to crawl around in some disgusting liquid contraption, so I kind of get it. I’d want to avoid whatever they hell that disgusting trap is by any means necessary.

Stephanie Hollman Real Housewives Of Dallas

Someone is at the door, and IT IS CHARLES THE BIGFOOT HUNTER. Kary is about to be forced into the most awkward encounter of her life. It’s a situation!

Charles looks like the nicest man on Earth, so I really want Kary to apologize to this man. He thought he did something wrong to her to make her lash out like that. It breaks my heart this cryptid hunting hunk would have his feelings hurt like that. It’s just not right damn it!

Kary “apologizes” to Charles for making fun of the size of his package. However, she makes excuses by saying she felt hurt and judged that he wouldn’t let her have the machete. Would you let Kary have a machete? HELL NO. She’s way too much of a wildcard.

Kary has no idea how to deliver a proper apology, and she has to be coached by Stephanie. The worst thing of all is that Charles thinks HE needs to apologize to HER.

Kameron showed up to win these rednecks games by any means necessary. That was what happened UNTIL she dived face first into the gross slop. At this point she’s already gone into the disgusting swamp of hell, so who cares if she loses? I would do whatever it takes to avoid that. No way would I EVERRRRR subject myself to being into that gross slop.

Brandi Redmond Tiffany Moon Kameron Westcott Real Housewives Of Dallas

Stephanie and Brandi Redmond plan a prank to get back at Kameron for her Texas joke. They get into bigfoot costumes hoping for a measure of payback for causing Stephane’s bladder to betray her. Here’s hoping it goes well!

The bigfoot costumes aren’t even believable, so Kameron automatically knew it was them. Other people in the group got scared, but Kameron carried on eating her dinner entirely unphased. LEGEND.

Tiffany says Brandi is finally starting to feel more comfortable and being her true self. This is the Brandi that she wants to hangout with and spend time with. It’s about time. I’m glad Brandi is getting over her paranoia for long enough to actually have a good time. She was inside her own head and making up scenarios that weren’t even occurring. She was creating a self fulfilling prophecy of ostracization.

Hours later, Tiffany comes up with an idea for her own prank. On the way to the trip, she purchased some fart bombs. This is the type of prank that’s perfect for Stephanie & Brandi. That toilet humor is the kind of s**t they live for. Pun intended.

Kary loses her mind over this prank and fires back in the craziest way. She pours salsa all over Kameron & Tiffany’s bed. Kameron had NOTHING to do with this, so I understand where her anger is emanating from. She crossed the line. Why does she have to up the ante at all times? Why does she have to escalate this and ruin everything?

Kameron is on the same level of anger and wants to get a hotel room. What a way for this trip to reach an end. Everyone was FINALLY starting to connect and have a good time, and Hurricane Kary had to work her magic and turn it to s**t.

Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

The next morning Kary admits she took things too far the night before. It’s nice that she’s able to be somewhat self aware on this trip. She single handedly ruined multiple nights of this trip. I’d make her clean up everything by herself and stand there and watch every single moment of it.

Why did they leave the pig carcass out there overnight? Why wouldn’t the people cooking the food remove it when everyone was finished eating? It’s so weird to me that it was left up to the women to dispose of the pork body. EW AS F**K.

Kameron feels slightly bad for cussing Kary out, but she also thinks Kary’s crossed the line on this trip. What trip has Kary NOT crossed the line this season? She has no comprehension of what a boundary is. She doesn’t just step over the line, she build an entire mansion on the line and sets fire to it.

Tiffany tells D’Andra Simmons  about her jealous of her relationship with Momma Dee. It is crazy to think of how different people have differing perspectives. To most people, D’Andra and Dee’s relationship is as toxic as they came. Tiffany on the other hand, has never seen her parents be affectionate toward her. They never even told her they loved her. As horrible as that is to hear, it really makes you realize you might have it better than others.

D’Andra thinks Tiffany needs to address her issues with her mother headon. She’s never really done that before, and nothing is going to change until she does. If she continues on this same path of brushing everything under the rug, that’s how it’s always going to be.

D’Andra had to make peace with her mother because that’s all the family she has. She’s not on speaking terms with anyone else. Her brother never even responded to the letter she dropped off in his mailbox. When you deliver it directly into someone’s mailbox, you know they received it. As a result, you know the lack of reply is a conscious choice.

It is interesting how Tiffany is opening up to her, and D’Andra is making it about herself. She really does do that a lot. I enjoy her, but there is definitely some truth to what people say about her. I don’t think she does it to be malicious though. Perhaps she’s bringing up her own experiences as a way to relate to whomever she’s speaking with.

Kameron Westcott Real Housewives Of Dallas

Back in Dallas, Kameron tells her family about her painful scorpion attack! On the way home from their trip, Kameron found herself in the most excruciating pain of her life. Although it wasn’t a poisonous scorpion because she still has her arm. Good to know! I didn’t know that they all weren’t poisonous, so if I ever encounter one, let’s hope it’s the kind that only stings a bit. I’d prefer to keep my arm just a tad longer.

Kameron arranges for an “animal communicator” to stop by the house. What exactly is that? Are we talking about a Dog Whisperer type situation here? What’s going on?

Apparently the communicator can speak to animals that have passed on to the other side. All dogs might go to heaven, but will this dog be receptive to being summoned? The lady says she’s been in tune with him ever since she found out she’d be doing this.

Court Westcott is completely caught off guard by this impromptu seance for their deceased dog. I’ve lost my fair share of pets, but this is something I’d probably skip out on. This is highly unusual, but I admire the way he’s rolling with it. It makes Kameron happy, so he’s going with it regardless.

This seance is making Kameron’s daughter cry which is painful to watch. In the end though, Kameron is assured that her dog is doing well in the afterlife. Her concerns that his spirit won’t come to the new home are put to rest when he assures her he will. Well damn.

D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

When D’Andra got home from Dallas she found an email from her stepmother. Well, I guess her family got her letter after all. D’Andra proposed creating a meeting for everyone to open up the lines of communication. Her stepmother feels like they should meet first to discuss the past.

D’Andra doesn’t want to do this because they can’t change the past. She should just roll with the punches if she wants to bring her family back together. Take on for the team D.

This dirty laundry from this family is so messy. Who leaves a will in your daughter’s bed while the dad’s body is still in the house post suicide? This all boils down to money and the green coated pursuit of it. It shows you the true characters of the family around you.

Court’s tight lipped behavior about the house sale led Kameron to not be ready for the move. It’s cute that he wanted to surprise her, but now she’s scrambling like a glam chicken with its head cut off.

I think it’s good to see Kameron finally being able to let go of some of Louis’ belongings. It’s a difficult step to take, but she’s making some solid progress. I hope the move to her dream home is everything she ever wanted and more!

Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

Tiffany’s mom stops by for a visit because it’s her birthday. They can’t go anywhere because of the pandemic, so things look different this year. Things are awkward because things aren’t good between Tiffany and her mother. After all of the preparation they take to make dinner, her mom springs it on her that she’s not eating there.

HOW RUDE IS HER MOTHER? She makes literally no effort to connect with her daughter on any sort of an emotional level. Tiffany needs to strike now and have their much needed conversation. Tiffany’s crushed by this because once again she got her hopes up with her mother. She needs to speak up because without vocalization there will never be change.

In a hilarious moment of comedic relief, Tiffany’s daughter asks her where babies come from. In this highly emotional moment between she and her mother, Tiffany is tasked with dealing with THAT. She plays it off cool, and she tells the girls it’s a conversation for a different time. That’s probably for the best right now.

They have zero emotional connection to one another. I think it might be too late to even form one. I’m not sure if her mother has the ability to even do that. She has zero time to formulate anything with her. It’s disappointing and heartbreaking.

Her mother comforts her when she says  she’s always picking on her. She tries so hard to be a devoted daughter, but clearly it’s hard. For the first time ever her mother says she’s proud of her, and it’s so great to hear it. In a shocking move, her mother agrees to set aside some mother daughter time. That’s the best possible outcome for this confrontation.


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