Jackie Goldschneider Says She Has “Most Stable And Beautiful Marriage” On Real Housewives Of New Jersey And That “There’s So Much Disaster Going On” With Other Couples; Says She Wanted To Reassure Evan Goldschneider That No One Believed Cheating Rumors So She Could Stay On The Show

What was more awkward to watch? Evan Goldschneider’s first birthday party where Teresa Giudice went around to everyone in the parking lot spreading rumors that he “does stuff at the gym” or the second party when Jackie Goldschneider greeted each guest with “tell Evan you know he doesn’t cheat.”

As a viewer at home, I couldn’t help cringing on my couch as I watched both parties. It was the storyline that just never stopped and will (unfortunately) dominate the reunion episodes as well. I just want to know who “from the group” told Teresa about these rumors. I have my guesses though

Jackie is defending her marriage, again, but she’s also shading some other Real Housewives of New Jersey marriages. During an appearance on the podcast Not Skinny But Not Fat, Jackie said, “The irony is that you’re taking the most stable and beautiful marriage on the show and trying to crumble it when behind closed doors.”

After that, Jackie threw some shade. Jackie claimed, “There’s so much disaster going on with other people. It’s just so ironic and silly, but no one believed it. Everyone knows Evan.” So who is she talking about? There are only three married couples on the show: Joe and Melissa Gorga, Margaret Josephs and Joe Benigno, and Bill and Jennifer Aydin.


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Reflecting on that awkward second party, Jackie said, “The one thing I’ll say is that when I did the redo party, Evan was really upset about this rumor because he’s a good guy and we just like… his family watches, his friends watch.”

She continued, “When I was going around telling people ‘Can you just let him know that you know it’s not true?’ it wasn’t that I was like trying to get people to say something they didn’t believe. I just wanted him to feel reassured.” That’s when she explained, “If Evan doesn’t want to be part of the show, I can’t be part of the show. And I do want to stay on it.” At least she’s being transparent about that.

She also claimed that she’s “done” talking about this rumor. Sure, Jackie.


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