Jackie Goldschneider Says She “Brings A Lot” To The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

In a somewhat unprecedented move, The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast has remained the same for three seasons now. This is a cast that knows how to deliver. No matter what they’re doing on screen, it’s highly entertaining. This is a cast that understands how to bring big drama and how to move past it as well. This isn’t a group of women that typically spends an entire season harping on one singular issue.

When Jackie Goldschneider & Jennifer Aydin joined the show, it was clear magic was in front of us. They shook up the group in just the right way. The only thing that might turn off some people is the three versus three split. It tends to be Jackie and her girls against Jennifer and hers all season long. Some might find that to be stale, but surely they bring a lot to the show right. Well if you ask Jackie, she’s exactly what Jersey needs.

In an interview with Access, Jackie was pressed about if she would return for another season. To this, Jackie answered, “A thousand percent. I didn’t make it through this for nothing. If I was gonna walk away, I would’ve walked away while they were in Lake George and said goodbye to the drama and just left.”

Her marriage was on the line following the cheating rumors, and it looked like she might leave. This was a line Jackie likely never expected to be crossed. However in the world of Housewives, it’s naive to ever assume anything is off limits. It simply doesn’t work like that.

If anything, Teresa Giudice probably wanted Jackie off the show for the analogy about Gia Giudice. It was done in such poor taste, and she didn’t even pick up the phone to apologize. How are you going to drag someone’s daughter into that and not own up to it? That’s unacceptable.


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Jackie continued, “I love this show. I’m committed to this show, and I think that I bring a lot to it even if you didn’t see that other part of my story line this season.” She’s right about viewers not getting to see it. The only thing we ever saw was a Jewish holiday dinner and her talking to her children about bad friends. Riveting s**t.

Has Jackie ever really brought anything to the show? She understands so many people watch for the drama. I can’t name many who are clamoring for these hard hitting personal story lines. However, I won’t lie. She did touch my heart when she opened up about her eating disorder. Bringing that up on a platform like this was probably difficult, but she’s been able to impact many.

Jackie also said, “I think that I bring a different kind of calmer energy. A different way of arguing. Different parts of life I think I bring. There’s a lot of Jewish girls in New Jersey. You know, I bring the Jewish girl to it.” In her defense, she does add a different vibe to the cast. She’s not throwing that old school mentality down our throats at every turn.


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When she first joined the show, she was calling herself that bad ass Jewish girl from Jersey. Where is THAT girl? This season we saw someone who became a shell of themselves after a baseless cheating rumor. She needs to revisit that energy if she indeed returns for another season because that’s more entertaining. However, falling into tears over EVERYTHING was not a good look for her this season.

Bring us more. If you’re going to tout that you bring a lot to the show, you need to back it up. I know she’s always challenging Teresa, but where does that get her? She always ends up backing down, and all of her efforts are pointless. If she’s going to go after the head of the flipped table, she needs to make it stick.


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