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Jackie Goldschneider Wants New Cast Members On Real Housewives Of New Jersey As Long As They’re Not Friends With Teresa Giudice And Jennifer Aydin

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is nearing the end of a truly epic Season 13. We saw a single Teresa Giudice for the first time, who wasn’t afraid to flirt with her pool boy, drink too much pineapple juice and show off her “soulmate” Luis Ruelas. Sure, she was guilty of spreading rumors about Evan Goldschneider cheating on Jackie Goldschneider. And she’s pushed the buttons of Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga, but when doesn’t she? Tre is an all-star and literally pioneer of reality TV ever since her table flip heard around the world. 

Season 13 is the third-straight RHONJ season with the same cast. We have Tre, Melissa, Jackie, Jennifer Aydin, Margaret Josephs and Dolores Catania. And they’ve all had iconic moments in their own way this season. Jennifer getting “sloppy” drunk at a pool party. Marge’s cold brew in a wine glass. Dolores going Patterson style on Joey Gorga after he questions her independence. Jackie’s tragic weave and periodic meltdowns. Even MelGo, who is known for faking storylines, flipped a cheese plate. It’s the stuff trash TV dreams are made of.

As the season comes to a close, it begs the question of what’s next for RHONJ. Unlike other Real Housewives’ cities, Jersey has never missed a beat. The Gorga-Giudice family web has been an integral part of the story since the beginning. But when will a shakeup become necessary to keep viewers interested? I’d argue that I could watch Frank Catania on my TV every Wednesday night for the rest of my life. But otherwise, who really knows.

The current cast has been sharing their opinion about whether or not a shake-up is coming. Jackie spoke to Access and, for once, actually agreed with Jennifer that they should keep the current ladies but add new housewives into the mix. “We need new energy. I think that Teresa is at her best when she’s going at it with somebody and it’s can’t just be me. So I think we definitely need somebody to come in who’s not Teresa or Jennifer’s friend.” It sounds like Jackie can’t take any more Tre-Huggers. But at least she, as a fan at heart, knows that Teresa’s antics are pretty much a non-negotiable part of RHONJ.


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Jackie added that she wouldn’t mind a new friend in the group. “The more energy the better,” she said. “And this cast is so amazing, but I don’t want it to get stale. And I don’t want it to be made-up things, either.” If she wasn’t so buddy-buddy with Melissa, I would’ve thought Jackie was throwing a dig at the Gorga smoke and mirrors show. 

But she has a point — Tre does not need another lady in her corner. Jennifer can stir the pot enough, and she’ll always have her and Dolo to back her up. And MelGo might be boring at times, but she’s kind of necessary to back Teresa up and keep her down to earth. And Jackie and Marge are good supporting characters, who aren’t afraid to get their claws out when needed. But Jersey could use a new lady, or maybe the return of an OG. We know Caroline Manzo might be eyeing a return, so never say never.


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