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Real Housewives Of New York Season 13 Premiere Recap: Welcome Back To The Big Apple

WHAT ARE WE DOING HERE WITHOUT DORINDA? As sad as it will be to not have Dorinda Medley anymore, it’s still exciting to have the Real Housewives Of New York back again. They make everything feel right in the world. This will be their first pandemic season, so hopefully they’re still bringing their A-game. This season will also mark the debut of Eboni Williams. She makes history as the first black cast member on RHONY. Historic!

What will the dynamics be with a cast this small? Somehow Ramona Singer is still kicking as the longest running full-time New York housewife. She’s teasing some epic drama this season as well between Leah McSweeney and a returning Heather Thomson? The anticipation is too much to find out who allegedly assaulted Heather! Could you imagine coming back to the show only to be assaulted? This season has the potential to deliver in every single way.

Real Housewives Of New York Season 13 Premiere Recap:

The episode starts in October, and the silence from the pandemic is eerie. That city is typically bustling with people, but everything slowed down from the virus. It’s insane to witness how the world totally stopped like that.

Things kick off with Leah who is officially a second season Housewife. During the quarantine she upgraded her apartment and got a new dog. That’s the best way to cure loneliness. I got the cutest cat during the pandemic, so I totally understand.

Leah is converting to Judaism which is an unexpected step. The pandemic left Leah feeling disconnecting from god which led her to receiving a calling to her new religion. There’s a lot of rules, ritual, and prayers to follow, so it won’t be easy, but she’s committed.

Leah’s father calls her, and she asks for his forgiveness for not being a great daughter. Last season we saw her battles with her mom in particular. He’s not sure yet about forgiving her, but that isn’t enough for her. He’s not Jewish, so he doesn’t want to play by her rules. She’s already setting the stage for mistakes she will make as a Jew. This is going to be a fascinating personal story line to watch this season.

Real Housewives Of New York Season 13 Premiere Recap:

Ramona & Luann de Lesseps are in a GREAT place. After years of basically being frenemies, they’re in a genuine place as friends. We love to see it! They both look fabulous and half of their ages. Can I be one of them when I grow up? I want to look that vibrant and radiant.

Luann moved back in her old neighborhood which makes her a neighbor of Ramona. To make it crazier, Ramona says she’s never been closer to anyone, and they have a strong bond. It’s crazy how much can change in 13 seasons!

Luann having a poster of herself in her new apartment is SENDING ME. THE VANITY is everything. I don’t even fault her for it or take it in a negative way. She’s come so far, and she is who she is. Let her stare at a photo of herself in the corner of her apartment.

Things with the drinking have been going down a dangerous road for Luann again. Over the summer, she blacked out multiple times. I’m glad she recognized it’s not worth it and decided to cut out alcohol. After her arrest, that’s probably a smart move on her part.

Ramona and Luann think Sonja Morgan has been distancing herself from the rest of the group. Is Sonja going to be on the outs with the rest of the group? Luann claims even Sonja’s daughter Quincy Morgan isn’t receiving any attention from her mother. That’s a bold thing to say.

Luann shows Ramona the view from her terrace, and OH MY GOD. YOU CAN SEE TOM D’AGOSTINO’S TERRACE FROM HER PLACE. At least Luann will know whether or not he’s home and if she’ll run into him.

Real Housewives Of New York Season 13 Premiere Recap:

The moment we meet Eboni, she feels like a breath of fresh air. I already love her vibe with Leah. The only thing that’s weird to watch is them have a full on camera conversation with masks on. I get the reason for it and it’s much needed but awkward to watch.

Leah says Eboni is the epitome of black girl magic that looks hot as f**k. Now THAT is an intro. Eboni seems like a quick fit with the group, and that’s the key to her long term success on the show.

Leah fills in Eboni about her pita chip man which is still an odd nickname to give him. Eboni immediately asks Leah if she’s ready for fall in love right now. She says she is, but time will tell. Does she actually have the time and energy to devote to a new relationship. It feels doubtful.

Real Housewives Of New York Season 13 Premiere Recap:

Sonja is still stuck in that damn townhouse. I thought we got rid of it? THIS IS NOT WHAT WE WASN’T TO SEE. This feels like ten steps back for Sonja. Sigh.

Sonja says the girls can be judgmental, so she hasn’t seem them in a while. Being alone during the pandemic gave her time to center her self.

She’s back in the townhouse because the pandemic left her unable to sell or rent it out. Sonja worked so hard to get out of the hell of a place, so it’s disheartening to see her back. She’s open to any and all offers on it, so she can get the f**k out of it.

How exactly does Sonja have an actual internship? How do you get college credit fixing a bubble bath for Sonja? That’s not your average curriculum. It’s the kookiest real life experience EVER.

Leah & Sonja video chat, and they’re both in the bathtub. Very on brand for both of them. Sonja’s hosting a brunch for all of the women, and Leah asks to invite Eboni. The other women are either going to love her or hate her. There’s not usually any in between with this group. I hope they take the time though to actually get to know her.

Real Housewives Of New York Season 13 Premiere Recap:

Eboni’s sister stops by her place for a visit, and drinks are immediately in order. She has A LOT going on professionally, and it’s impressive to watch her in action. Her list of accomplished could wipe the floor with anyone.

Eboni initially started practicing law, but she decided she needed more. She wanted a larger platform to use her voice. After quite a while of dodging creditors and other bill collectors, she’s finally where she wants to be. Eboni’s move to bet on herself proved to be the biggest success of her life.

The setup for Sonja’s brunch looks fabulous, so I hope the women show up to genuinely support her. Luann & Ramona are coming in with ulterior motives it seems. They both feel a disconnect from Sonja right now, so they might confront her.

The Upper East Side isn’t typically Eboni’s scene, but she’s arriving regardless. Leah is apprehensive to run into Ramona because of how they left things at the reunion, but she’s willing to move forward. With Ramona, it’s impossible to know what you’re going to deal with. She’s as unpredictable as they came.

Leah’s impressive with how great the townhouse looks. She probably thought it would look disgusting based on some of Sonja’s antics, but that’s not the case after all. Good for Sonja!

Real Housewives Of New York Season 13 Premiere Recap:

Sonja’s not even close to being ready for the guests. OH SONJA. Please never change. She’s too much, but it’s in all of the right ways.

NOT SONJA TRYING TO TELL EBONI SHE HAS DIVERSE FISH. STOP IT. There are so many other ways she can attempt to connect with Eboni. Trying to make it seem like you support other races because of your fish being different colors is quite the reach.

How heartbreaking is it to hear that Sonja no longer has her Century 21 clothing line? She worked so hard to get to that point, and it was taken away from her. All I want is for her to succeed, but something always gets in the way.

Eboni wants children at some point, but she realizes she needs to give up something to reach that. She knows that something’s got to give in order for that to happen. One of her lofty goals might have to be set to the side in order to be the parent she needs to be.

Luann doesn’t know Eboni too well, but from what she does know, she likes her. Eboni’s fitting in so well! I’m so happy they’re all welcoming her with open arms like this.

Luann has a new man named Garth, and some regular tall blonde man on the side suits her well. Before we dive too much into that, Leah calls out Ramona for sucking face with Harry Dubin. Seriously? That is sooo gross. She can do so much better than a man who has been with most of the women in the group.

Luann directs the conversation back to Eboni’s new man who owns part of an NFL team. She knows how to secure the BOSSES. Secure the bag, honey. Reach for the mother fu**ing stars.

Once Sonja hears Eboni’s new man has three kids of his own, she raves about the quality of his sperm. She urges Eboni to go off her birth control and get on the baby train. Trapping a man is the worst thing Eboni could do. She wants a baby with someone who actually wants a baby with her.

Luann De Lesseps Sonja Morgan Real Housewives Of New York

Luann opens up to Leah about becoming newly sober again. Since Leah’s also sober since the beginning of the pandemic, they have something they can connect over. This is a stressful group to be in without alcohol, but if they band together they can get through it. After the constant drinking by this group last season, laying off the alcohol might be needed.

Ramona wants to know why Sonja hasn’t seen them all in many months. Luann demands to know the same thing. These women actually showed up to Sonja’s home with the full intentions of confronting her. That surely violates SOMETHING in Luann’s code of conduct, right?

Sonja claims she’s going through a lot of s**t right now. She doesn’t want to burden her friends with this. To make things better, Ramona & Luann want all of the women to go on a trip to The Hamptons. I LOVE A CAST TRIP EARLY IN THE SEASON.

Ramona tells Eboni she feels an immediate connection to her and it felt easy. Leah shouts that Ramona said the same thing to her as well, so does it hold much weight? Leah is going to do everything in her power to protect Eboni from the Singer Stinger.


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