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Kim Zolciak Says There Is Only One Way She Would Return To Real Housewives Of Atlanta

It used to seem like Kim Zolciak-Biermann would only return to Real Housewives of Atlanta if every other female in Georgia suddenly turned to stone and Bravo couldn’t get a statue to sign a waiver. But Kim is a “never say never” kind of gal. She likes to ask, believe, and receive Botox her dreams into fruition. Kim and her family have been documenting their lives on Don’t Be Tardy since her departure from RHOA. She and Kroy Biermann currently have about 19 kids, some bills to pay, and a rented bus.

Since Kim’s program has returned for another season, naturally she’s doing press. It goes without saying Kim will be questioned about the upheaval RHOA has faced in the midst of NeNe Leakes’ pink slip exit. While it appears the current cast is having a fine old time without NeNe or Kim, she certainly wouldn’t rule out extra money returning for some good times. Now Kim shares what it would take to see her back in the Hotlanta seat.

Like her or not, Kim is a BUSINESSWOMAN. She somehow managed to go from wannabe country singer committing adultery with a sponsor called Big Poppa to a married woman with lots of children and a whole program dedicated to her family. Kim’s spinoff has been living rent free in NeNe’s head since 2012.

But would Kim ever show her face on RHOA again? In an interview with People, Kim said she would come back if they did a “where are they now” type of thing. “They should just bring back the whole cast from season 1 and be like, ‘Where are we now?’” I’m not one to find myself agreeing with a lot of what Kim says, but that is a great idea.


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Kim suggested, “Like, go out to dinner and do this all over again. Because I think we’re really fun, you know, in all honesty.” Everyone’s faces lives have changed so dramatically since Season 1, it would be very interesting to have a catch-up show. I know we’re all wondering what Deshawn Snow is doing now. And what has that spitfire Lisa Wu been up to? Has anyone bothered to check on the worldwide sensation that is She By Shereé? Maybe NeNe would bring back her Season 1 hair!

Would Kim return as a regular on the show? That’s a big nope. Because her friends are no longer there! “But as far as going back now, for what? For who? No. Shereé [Whitfield] is not there. NeNe’s not there. Like, no,” she added. It’s nice to have such special memories of two people who tried to de-wig you on the side of the street. Also, I cannot imagine Kim filming a scene without poor Kroy looming in the background, muttering to himself while combing an inanimate head of hair.


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Atlanta probably doesn’t need any OGs to come back, based on reports coming out about filming. Some brand new cast members are ALLEGEDLY going to ride the imaginary underground railroad down a path of debauchery. Cynthia Bailey will be marrying for the second time. The cast will also tackle issues related to the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s always nice to say “never say never” about veteran ladies returning, but in this instance it’s okay to go with, “never gonna happen“.


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