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Tamra Judge Headed To Trial Over Jim Bellino Lawsuit; Shannon Beador Awarded $137K From Jim

It’s clear after Season 15 of the Real Housewives of Orange County that a shake-up needs to happen. The cast has really turned toxic on one another and I honestly miss the old days of Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge dancing on bars at Andale’s. Kelly Dodd and Braunwyn Windham-Burke put themselves in the running for the worst housewives of all time after last year’s performance. And Shannon Beador tried to be the fun uno amiga as the most senior cast member, but it just wasn’t the same.

Even though Tamra left the show after Season 14, she’s always involved with the drama. She and Shannon, who at one time talked on the phone for hours a day, have totally turned against one another. It seems like every RHOC former cast member and their momma has something to say about Tammy Sue stirring the pot, but at least she made the show interesting. I miss her naked wasted antics and watching her relationship with Eddie Judge on screen.

And despite Tamra and Shannon’s friendship being totally obsolete, they’re still connected through their shared legal drama. If you remember from Season 14, trampoline king and one of the worst Real Housewives husbands of all time Jim Bellino is going after the two former amigas. He filed a $1 million lawsuit against the ladies for going on a podcast and speaking about him. They were making jokes about his trampoline business and failed marriage to Alexis Bellino, and Jim cried defamation.

Shannon won her case against Jim and now Radar Online reports that she got him to pay her legal bills too. The judge dismissed Shannon’s case and the court ordered him to pay her $137,000 in attorney fees. Jim, who is obviously pretty hard-headed, didn’t pay up.


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So in February 2020, Shannon filed a lien against Jim’s property to make sure he didn’t sell his home before he paid up. Radar Online reports that court documents show the lien has been released, meaning that the debt has been paid in full. Maybe Shannon has a knack for winning legal cases. Or, more likely, she has an awesome lawyer who definitely wasn’t in charge of settling her divorce from David Beador.

While Shannon’s in the clear, Tammy Sue is headed to court. Tamra told a judge she’s ready for trial and it’s been scheduled for November 8, according to documents obtained by Radar OnlineTamra also denies any wrongdoing, saying that they were speaking the truth and giving their opinion in the podcast. (THAT’S HER OPINION!!!)


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While Tamra might not have hard feelings toward Jesus Jugs anymore, Jim Bellino has definitely taken the No. 1 spot on her shit list. At least Alexis finally got out away from Jim’s antiquated ways and found herself a new man. 


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