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Below Deck Captains Lee Rosbach, Sandy Yawn, And Glenn Shephard Will Appear In Bravo YouTube Special Discussing The Franchise

The Below Deck franchise has ballooned into three separate shows, each with it’s own flair and character.  From the gorgeous locations, to the crew, to the incidents that happened onboard, the franchise has something for everyone.  Below Deck, Below Deck Mediterranean, and Below Deck Sailing Yacht all bring the drama.  Viewers can expect crew hookups, galley disasters, and drunken fights.

Then there are the specific situations that defined each show.  Former bosun Ashton Pienaar almost lost his life on Below DeckCaptain Sandy Yawn made a grown man cry after terrorizing Chef Kiko Lorran and fired Hannah Ferrier in a vindictive manner.  After a charter guests supposedly brought drugs onboard, Captain Glenn Shephard made the decision to search their bags.

A different captain may have had ended the charter.  Captain Lee Rosbach certainly did during an earlier season, while Sandy said she would have put the responsibility on the guests to dispose of their stash.  Each boat run differently.

According to Bravo’s The Daily Dish, the network thought it would be interesting to have all three captains together to compare notes, share crew mishaps, and gripe about outrageous charter guests. Certainly the difference in management style and personalities will add to conversation on the Bravo YouTube channel special.  Captain Lee is a hard-liner when it comes to competence and crew conflict.  A call to the bridge means certain termination and Lee’s reputation is well known.  The crew is always on their toes.

Captain Sandy gets a little more involved in the drama.  Maybe it’s a desire for more camera time, or just an oppressive management style.  She’s ALWAYS in the galley intimidating the chef.  Sandy can be inconsistent with reprimands, and plays favorites within her crew.  Don’t get her started about maritime law.


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Below Deck Sailing Yacht has perhaps the most laid back manager, but that could be because Captain Glenn had a competent crew that did not require micro-managing from him.  You’d need good crew on a sailboat, it’s critical.  So we haven’t seen Glenn in challenging situations, except when Parsifal experienced mechanical difficulties and crashed into the dock.

Parisfal’s crash is one of the topics the captains discussed.  “I felt something I’ve never felt before,” Glenn recalled in the trailer.  “They’ll toss you under the bus,” Lee joked about the incident. Then there’s the topic of hookups.  Crew hookups.  Guest hookups.  “What’s the craziest spot that you’ve ever had somebody hook up on the boat” Lee asked his colleagues.  Sandy responded, “I don’t care if they all hook up and they have an orgy below.  I don’t care.”


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Captain Lee mentions charter guests who, “made everybody’s life miserable.”  Wild guests probably up their antics for reality TV, and isn’t that part of why we watch?  Last season on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, a drunken reveler lifted Madison Stalker off the ground as if he was lifting weights.  Was that the “testosterone fest” that Captain Glenn is referring to?

Finally, the captains discuss being on the water with a camera crew onboard.  Sandy remarked, “I don’t look at production and our crew.  To me, we’re one crew.”

The Below Deck special will air on Bravo’s Youtube channel June 1st at 11am.


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