Karen Huger Gizelle Bryant Real Housewives Of Potomac

We’ve entered an era where “unity” is the new buzzword on deck. In theory, we are to work with and accept those who don’t necessarily think the way we do, in an effort to bring people together for the overall betterment of humanity. It’s a nice idea, but apparently that particular message of harmony has yet to reach the Real Housewives of Potomac. Lots of things happened during the 5th season of RHOP and unity wasn’t one of them.

Candiace Dillard’s square tissue became a star. Monique Samuels’ African Grey became an icon. There was… a fight. And longtime friends Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant found themselves on opposite teams, insulting each other through many of the episodes. The Grand Dame and Giz neither resolved their issues or agreed to disagree, so if you think the insulting stopped just because they aren’t currently filming, you would be wrong. Now we learn Karen hasn’t even spoken to Gizelle since the reunion, but she has spoken about Gizelle since the reunion.

Giz and Kar might be old friends, but they are still divided. While it seemed like coming for each other might have been part of their schtick, there are some things you can’t come back from. Karen has accused Gizelle of having a fake life. She put Gizelle’s make-up line on blast when she revealed the company was liquidated. Karen even suggested Gizelle is a “proven liar” and has a Pastor with a less than holy past living in her iPhone. And now Karen has said Gizelle looks… BLOATED. Oh dear.

Karen had an interview on Instagram Live with Luenell and gave an update on her relationship with Gizelle. Spoiler alert, it’s not well bitch. Karen said, “You know, Gizelle and I knew each other a long time before the show and I have to say this season for me with her was frustrating. Something inside her was eating away at her, and she was bitter.” Hey, trying to avoid people finding out about your ex-husband’s extra-curricular congregation activities can make you bitter, okay?


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And then Karen says to Luenell, get ready… “I don’t know, have you seen her lately?” Ladies and gentlemen, the library is open. “Well, her face is very bloated.” NOT BLOATED! “Her hands are bloated, her ankles are bloated.” NOT BLOATED ANKLES! “It almost looks like, um, alcohol inflammation.” NOT ALCOHOL INFLAMMATION! Karen continued, “I’m like are you okay, is your business okay, what is going on? I mean Gizelle and I do butt heads but I do genuinely care about her and I hope everything is well.” Hahahahaha, sure, Jan.

Karen added, “It was a hard season for her, she doesn’t like opening up about herself. She wants to have an opinion about everyone’s life on the show.” True, #godblessthehugers. Karen also said it worked like that for years with Gizelle and now that time is up. The Grand Dame said she has spoken with Robyn Dixon (but not Juan Dixon because we still can’t find him), Wendy Osefo, Candy, even Ashley Darby, but Gizelle has left her on read.


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Karen’s concern might be shady real. However, the descriptive nature of Gizelle’s alleged water retention hangs in the air like a dark cloud. Karen is confident she and her old buddy will resolve their issues, but will they? Does Gizelle have “alcohol inflammation” or does Karen have a case of the bitchies? While our nation makes attempts to unify and come together as one, we’re still waiting for Potomac to get the message.


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