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Wendy Osefo’s Husband Eddie Osefo Responds “Side Baby” Rumors; Says Wendy Osefo Mothers His “ONLY 3 Babies”

The Bravo gods are blessing us this summer with new seasons of Real Housewives Of New York, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills AND the Real Housewives of Potomac. And that drama looks like it’s going to be serious in all three cities. It’s really the news we needed after all of the coronavirus shutdowns and delays in filming over the past year.

RHOP has been filming for its sixth season. But this time, Monique Samuels and her binder are not in the mix. The word on the street is some new faces will be joining OGs like Karen Huger, Ashley Darby and Gizelle Bryant. Also, Dr. Wendy Osefo is gearing up for her sophomore season, and it looks like she’ll be handling a few scandals of her own.

A rumor is making its way around the streets of Potomac that Wendy’s (very handsome) husband Eddie Osefo is being accused of having a child with another woman. Allegedly, a woman is accusing Eddie of having an affair with a woman at his law firm. And rumors are swirling that he has a “side baby” with the woman.

There’s no doubt this will come to head during Season 6. We’ve seen Monique and Chris Samuels deal with “fans” questioning the paternity of one of their children. Green-eyed bandits Robyn Dixon and Gizelle have been dealing with infidelity in their relationships since before RHOP was ever on TV. And don’t even get me started on Michael Darby’s reputation when it comes to faithfulness. So it’s clear that cheating allegations will always cause some tension between the ladies of Potomac.


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And the rumor about Eddie came out just before Mother’s Day. So he took a moment on his social media to honor Dr. Wendy, her four degrees and three kids while shutting down the cheating rumors. Under a photo of Wendy and the kids, Eddie mentioned that she is “the mother of my ONLY 3 babies” and proceeded to tag his children’s Instagram accounts, just to make it clear.

“The haters will always hate (misery loves company), but one this is for certain, men lie, women lie, blogs lie, but numbers don’t! 10 years and counting with our forever love,” the caption continued. So that’s all Eddie has to say for anyone coming at his family. Considering the couple’s history with their family disapproving of their marriage, it’s going to take a lot more than gossip to try to break them.


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Wendy commented on the heartfelt post, “It’s the ‘ONLY’ for me! Thank you zaddy! I love you DEEP.” And Candiace Dillard also commented, “HA! And THATS on Mary had a little lamb. #period.” So CandeeGal is obviously standing behind Wendy, but the same can’t be said of Miss Gizelle.


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