Real Housewives Of New York Recap: White Fragility And The Price Of Education

Heather Thomson returned to the Real Housewives of New York and entered the lion’s den. She had no idea what she was walking into. Leah McSweeney made it her mission to confront Heather for negative comments about the group in the press. It is quite courageous of Heather to even show up knowing she dragged most of the group. She managed to play it mostly cool at dinner, but it’s probably far from over.

Ramona Singer is suddenly so close to Heather which feels entirely out of left field. Given Leah’s rocky relationship with Ramona, this is going to do nothing but fuel the fire. There are two wannabe Queen Bee’s in the mix now, and only one can stand tall in the end. Will it be Leah or will it be Heather? It’s going to come down to who the group has more loyalty to. Technically we know what happens, but isn’t the fun in the journey?

Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

Ramona is so up in arms about the sex conversation at dinner. Of course, Leah’s leading the charge which probably bothers her even more. Good luck being able to have fun with Ramona acting like the sex police. She doesn’t want any of the women to let loose.

Ramona feels like Leah doesn’t have anything to talk about other than sex. To further escalate everything, she brings up her earlier altercation with Leah when she shunned her. This dinner is never going to be salvaged. Let’s call it a night and try again tomorrow.

Leah & Sonja Morgan both think Ramona is an expert button pusher. I get that with Leah, but Sonja can’t put everything on Ramona. Her outburst at the restaurant was a creation of her own making. She is fully responsible for the direction that went.

Poor Eboni K. Williams is left confused about the way this group interacts. One minute they’re fighting to the death. The next moment, they’re making up and going full kissy kissy. It’s weird if you’re not used to their dynamic.

Ramona asks Leah to refrain from talking about sex. Obviously Leah’s never going to listen to what Ramona tells her to do. If she wants to spend all night talking about her sexual interests, she’s going to do just that.

Luann de Lesseps can tell the evening might be taking a drunken turn, so she calls it a night. It’s best to avoid the intoxicating chaos before it gets too out of hand. I know from personal experience it’s better to avoid that as fast as you can.

Hearing Ramona say the words “WAP” is something that wasn’t on my bingo card. It sounds almost cringe coming from her. I think it’s because she goes out of her way to avoid talking about it. Leah however knows Ramona is getting laid more than everyone else even if she doesn’t talk about it.

Ramona’s pissed because Eboni’s joined in with the sexual discourse. Why does Ramona act so prude when we know she’s getting it. She’s ranting about class and elegance, but she’s also besties with Sonja. It’s easy to argue that Sonja is the worst offender of all when taking things to THAT level. There’s a colossal double standard in this group of women.

Ramona Singer Real Housewives Of New York

The next morning Ramona asks Sonja why everything always has to turn to sex. Oh my goodness, is she still on this kick? Ramona got upset with Eboni for accusing her of being able to take a big d**k. Girl, just take the compliment. Gold star honey.

Eboni wants to apologize for Ramona even though she meant no malice. If Ramona could lighten up a little bit, nobody would feel the need to apologize. She’s so UGH.

Leah’s mom sends her a message telling her that her grandmother’s condition is worsening. She understands there won’t even be another conversation with her. If Leah was volatile before, things are about to escalate to another new level.

Ramona asks Heather to stop talking about the group on her podcast. I know in theory that should be a fair ask. However, these are Heather’s personal experiences, so shouldn’t she get to say what she wants? I am so much on the fence when it comes to all of this.

Heather tells Ramona what she wants to hear which shuts her down. That’s the best way to deal with someone like Ramona. If you give her a sense of validation, it should shut her the f**k up in theory.

Luann’s gearing up for her lunch and nude model painting. Props to Luann for going out of the group’s comfort zone and trying something new. How is Ramona going to handle this idea? I know she doesn’t want to discuss sex, but what about painting naked men? It sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Ramona confronts Leah & Eboni about taking too long with their glam squads. Eboni fires back saying her hair is different as a black woman and requires different treatment. I understand all of that, but they should’ve planned accordingly. The group shouldn’t have to wait for them to take forever. Also, I accept this for Eboni, but it’s not a valid excuse for Leah. Her ass needs to be in the car and ready.

Sonja Morgan Real Housewives Of New York

Let’s just say that the model posing for the nude painting is a prime choice for this. Luann, everyone thanks for for gracing us with this Adonis of a man. Thank you for this gift you’ve bestowed upon me.

Luann loves Garth Wakeford for a few reasons. He’s always there for her, and he doesn’t drink. Garth’s everything Luann needs at this delicate transition phase of her life. Too bad it ends the way it does.

Eboni apologizes to Ramona for offending her at the dinner. Maybe their connection is as real as Ramona claims it is. There might be something to this friendship after all.

Luann has some man name Alfredo show up to try and court Sonja. He’s not remotely Sonja’s type so this love connection is dead on arrival. Read the room Luann. He doesn’t look like any guy Sonja would ever chase after. He’s also the opposite of “Sonja young”.

Luann hopes Alfredo will help her get over her alleged jealousy of Garth. I don’t think that’s the root of Sonja’s recent pain. Luann though always needs the ego trip and think everyone envies her life. Please get over yourself Countess.

The model turns into a stripper out of nowhere and has Sonja take off his towel. There’s no better person to commence the festivity than her though. She is the top choice for this type of thing. Very on brand for her.

Ramona’s staring at this man’s nether regions with such intensity and focus. She has her eyes on the package, and she wants to win. However, she’s over painting the penis after a few poses. F**k the art. She just wants to set her gaze on this man’s family jewels.

Alfredo might not be Sonja’s type, but Ramona is finding herself lost in his music. The sensual nature of it has her body moving in ways she never thought possible. Get it Singer!

Leah McSweeney Real Housewives Of New York

Leah tells everyone she’s feeling veritgo, but Ramona says that’s not what it is. Obviously this is stemming from the rapid decline of her grandmother. Nobody gets what she’s going through. She’s not trying to act like a child. She’s clearly experiencing anxiety symptoms, but they don’t understand.

Ramona tries giving her a pep talk about her grandmother, but it makes Leah cry further. She means well with this. She really does. However, this isn’t what Leah wants in the moment. Leaving Leah alone for a bit is the best solution with this.

Eboni does a much better job at comforting Leah in her darkest hour. She realizes Leah’s worried that she’ll be all alone with nobody around that will be proud of her. Trust me, I know the feeling. It’s almost paralyzing to feel like the one person who always understood you won’t be around anymore. The fear of what will happen in a world where they don’t exist is almost too much to withstand.

Luann wants to know what she missed the night before after she went to bed. Eboni explains what she did that triggered Ramona. Leah doesn’t want to hear anything about Ramona’s Christian values because of her history of lying. Give us a break. We will never see Ramona in that light.

Leah doesn’t understand why because Sonja does far more than she ever does. The hypocrisy is real. Luann keeps defending Ramona’s offense about the specific words used. Leah can’t take anymore, so she storms away from the rest of the table. Enough is enough with Ramona’s nonsense.

Leah doesn’t want Ramona to explain anything to her anymore. I know Leah’s overly sensitive right now, so they should back off. At least Sonja knows enough to respect Leah’s boundaries. Do the same.

Eboni doesn’t agree with Luann & Ramona’s opinion about using the words and being unclassy by doing it. She doesn’t want to do any of that. Luann thinks it’s education that causes the divide which lights a fire inside of Eboni. She has more education than anyone at that table combined, so they should tread lightly.

Luann de Lesseps Real Housewives Of New York

Leah shows back up at the table and unleashes on Ramona for being compared to Avery Singer. She’s hurling the comments about Avery this time which might be crossing a line. Leah calls everyone at the table a hoe and storms off again. TELL US HOW YOU REALLY FEEL.

Heather says nobody is listening to one another. That’s a lesson to be learned here. Luann comes after Eboni about the education comment which sets her the f**k off again. Speak your truth.

This whole thing is being twisted because Luann’s fragile ego can’t handle not being the best. I don’t think Eboni thinks she’s the smartest woman at the table, but she honestly is. She handles herself better than the mahority of the group.

Luann tells Eboni not to come into her house and talk about education. Eboni can leave her house and not care. Make that clear. Eboni calls out Luann & Ramona’s white fragility, but they won’t let her speak. Sonja & Heather are the only ones trying to make sense of this.

Luann is so triggered ast the idea of this being about race. She doesn’t have to attack her about her race, but that’s basically what she’s doing. It’s ABSOLUTELY about race. Leah loses her entire s**t on everyone, and nobody bats an eye. Eboni speaks her truth at a normal volume, and she’s labeled angry. F**K ALL OF THAT. Shame on Luann.

After all of this, Luann asks Eboni to leave her home. On Eboni’s way out, she refers to Luann as trash. Things escalated beyond belief at this lunch, but how can you not be Team Eboni & Leah. Also thank you to Sonja & Heather for not acting problematic like Ramona & Luann during that conversation.


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