Caroline Manzo on Dina Manzo home invasion

Albie Manzo Defends Caroline Manzo After She Advocated For Dina Manzo’s Ex Tommy Manzo Following Violent Burglary

The Godfather music is playing on a loop in my head and if I wind up wearing a pair of cement boots that I didn’t order, here is my swan song. For the record, this situation has absolutely nothing at all to do with mob ties, mafia families, or sleeping with the fishes, and my Godfather reference was purely random… Let’s talk about Real Housewives of New Jersey and how all the action is happening not only offscreen, but between people who are no longer on the show.

Bravo gave us RHONJ and introduced viewers to sisters Caroline Manzo and Dina Manzo with a very subtle nod to previous dealings in the organized crime industry. Under the umbrella of denials and “I didn’t see a thing“, the crew always laughed off rumors of a family connection. Sadly, no one is currently laughing because there is evidence of hired hits, bad blood, dueling sisters, and now… the children are involved. Caroline’s oldest son, Albie Manzo would like a word.

To review, Dina was married to Tommy Manzo, who is Caroline’s husband’s brother, because keeping it close is a thing. Tommy and Dina broke up and Dina became involved with her new man, David Cantin. Poor David didn’t know it at the time, but dating Dina should have come with a platinum life insurance policy and maybe a bulletproof vest because dude hasn’t had it easy since falling in love with Caroline’s younger sis. That’s how the cookie crumbles or how the cannoli unfolds, but the good stuff is going down and it’s a messssss.

Long story short, David has been attacked twice. Attacked is a nice way of saying he was bludgeoned with a hard object in 2015 by a dude hired by Dina’s ex, you guessed it, Tommy M. Poor David was roughed up again in 2017 when he and Dina were both brutalized during a home invasion. Legal docs show, the assailant was compensated by a discounted fee to host a wedding at the luxurious site of Manzo-owned venue, The Brownstone.


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Blood is thicker than water and Caroline and Dina share the same parents – one might think Caroline’s unyielding support for her sister would be apparent, but that is not the case. Caroline publicly backed her brother-in-law instead of Dina and faced some pretty severe fallout. Now Albie is coming in hot to back mommy up.

According to Page Six, Albie said, “[My mom] made a choice that she knew going in was going to be extraordinarily unpopular, [that] could’ve been easily twisted into something that it isn’t, but she made it anyway.” He added, “My mother wrote a letter based on the character [Tommy Manzo] as we know him. The facts as we’ve seen them, as we know him in his life. Is he a threat to society? The answer is no. We believe the answer is no.” Tell me you think Dina knows something without saying Dina knows something.


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Albie explained even though “the family” isn’t speaking to Dina, they still want the bad guy who attacked her to be in the big house. “This isn’t about family drama,” Albie remarked. Um, yes it is, it’s totally about family drama… “This is a ‘right and wrong’ situation.” Damn, I have never not wanted to know the true meaning of “right and wrong” in my entire actual life. Stay tuned to see further developments in this perfectly normal, completely transparent, and not at all related to a crime syndicate journey.


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