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Bethenny Frankel Makes Comedic Debut In Surprise Stand-Up Performance

Bethenny Frankel is no longer appearing on Real Housewives of New York but she’s doing everything else. Want some clothes? Beth has you covered. Want to be insulted? Beth is there for you. Want to drop some exciting news on the same day your former show is releasing a new-season trailer? Don’t worry, Bethenny won’t leave you out in the cold.

Now we move on to Bethenny’s next stunt chapter, or maybe it’s just a blurb. Hey, remember the “Tipsy Girl incident”? Sonja Morgan was considering offering her own line of spirits and attempted to consult with Superbusinesswoman Bethenny about her direction. Despite the Jaws music playing in the background, none of us knew Sonja was about to be Bethenny’s lunchtime snack. As Beth berated Sonja for stealing her brand, she offered some wise words, “pick one thing and stick with it”. Clearly Bethenny doesn’t follow her own advice.

No doubt Bethenny has always been funny. Her one-liners on the first season of RHONY endeared her to a fan base that grew as quickly as her success. Then Bethenny got rich and started acting a bit.. different. We’ve seen this before, NeNe Leakes basically suffered the same fate. They start off as the darlings of the show and as soon as they have a few million in the bank and offers from other entertainment outlets, their once witty personalities transform into, well, mean girls.

To be fair, maybe being “mean” holds some water in the Bravoverse because it’s not for punks. That said, neither Bethenny or NeNe are currently on the shows they helped to get off the ground. While Bethenny has been a force in the philanthropic world, her entrepreneurial spirit lives on. From skin care to salad dressing, she has her hands in something. Now Bethenny is dipping her toes in the serene lakes of comedy. Jennifer Aydin has entered the chat


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According to Page Six, for some reason Beth did a “surprise seven-minute set of stand-up comedy” for an audience of 40 guests at New York Comedy Club in the East Village on Monday night. Is…is this the same person who criticized Luann de Lesseps for her love of all things cabaret? An insider commented, “It was the first time and maybe the last time she will ever do stand-up.” When Bethenny said she comes from a place of yes, she wasn’t kidding.

Sources say, “It was a success, and people were laughing hysterically!” Was there a 2 Skinnygirl drink minimum? The performance venue assured all COVID-19 protocols were in place during the gathering. We don’t know if Bethenny’s latest fiancé, Paul “Big Ring” Bernon was in the audience to count his money support his woman. Fun fact, no phones were allowed to prevent pics or videos and shock of all shocks, a camera crew was there. Because, of course a camera crew was there.


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A separate source confirmed Beth had a table for eight friends reserved for her big night, no word on whether or not Sonja ran on stage and removed her dress. Bethenny has not commented on exactly what this is for, but I have no doubt she will end the mystery in due time. In the interim, try the chicken wings and don’t forget to tip your waitress.


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